Favorite unpopular anime/k-pop pairing and why?

Honestly I’m a sucker for Jungkook x Yoongi and Kuroo x Tsukki. There’s just something about putting two incompatible/conflicted people together (I see you, Rinharu) and watching them fight it out and then writing and crying about things which are never going to happen.

You get me?

I’m from fairy tail fandom. NaLu is by far the most popular and pretty much dominates any pairing discussion. I’m secretly a NaLi shipper because this pairing has far superior grounding in the plot. Lucy is just a big breasted excuse for fan service which I care nothing for. Lisa has deep and meaningful history with Natsu. They hatched happy together, they pledged their lives together and it was all so wonderful until [Spoilers] Lisa “died.” Natsu demonstrated how shaken he was by her loss, and when she came back it was the NaLu ship that got in the way. I hate it. NaLi forever.

That’s just something off my chest.