Favourite drinks

folks, I’m about to fail my exams. I absolutely have given up and have therefore decided to, in the spirit of most of my favourite characters, drink myself to the grave (until such a time as a new season of the OA comes out, at which point, surely, I’ll be resurrected)

would appreciate:
– drinks to remember, “study drinks”
– drinks to forget
– drinks to get my friends to pour on the grass beneath my grave
– any non alcoholic favourite drinks, for those of you more wholesome than I out there

[disclaimer: pinch of salt to be taken with all of the above, overly dramatic is my forte]

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This one’s southern-inspired :tumbler_glass:
Drinks to Remember: Chicory Coffee laced with Bourbon
Drinks to Forget: Tennessee Whiskey
Drinks to Get Friends to Pour on Grass Above (?) Your Metaphorical Failed Exam Grave: Moonshine
Non-Alcoholic Drinks: Mimosa for the morning after you’re resurrected by the OA. (I mean, it’s basically alcohol free. :laughing: )

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Also, stop drinking and go skim your notes. :wink:

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Oh my, chicory coffee with bourbon – I’ll be sure to give that a try, sounds very interesting!

(Have to agree on the mimosas, practically no alchy there :joy:)

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Saddest part of this –– “what notes?”

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:joy::joy: Well, heck, I probably should’ve recommended something stronger. Fingers crossed you still do fantastic on it :wink:

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I used to like stuff like Malibu, but these days I prefer Irish Creme with Cinnamon Vodka.

I have to be careful, because I have a low alcohol tolerance. So I always stop at a shot glass.

I call it my Flamenco drink, because I really recline me, and listen to a lot Flamenco and Chanson. When you’re not mildly tipsy, you still have kind of “what would others think of this?”

As I have a tendency for “but what would others think?” mindset.

I’m also an extremely “happy drunk” when mildly tipsy, but absolutely miserable when I’m even a little bit drunk. And what’s the point of drinking, if you hate it?

I also really really really love Dutch beer. I like a lot of Dutch and French things actually.

Hello! Bartender here. Lemme give you the recipe of my signature drink, “Queen Anne’s Revenge”:

-3/4 ounces of Ancho Reyes tequila liqueur
-1 1/4 ounces of golden rum
-2 ounces of orange juice
-2 ounces of Orange Shrubb, made with apple cider vinegar
-1 1/2 ounces of ginger beer
-Cinamon Espuma on top




If your friends do not “pour one out for the boys” in the form of straight Fireball onto your grave, are they really even your friends?


Honestly I could do with one of those right about now, I’m going to give that a try muchas gracias

Amen to that. Their write-ins into my will are absolutely conditional on them pouring whisky onto my grave

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You should totally post a recipe book!

De nada. Siempre a la orden!

I was thinking that the other day. I post tutorials on Instagram, but wanted to do something more concrete

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Favorite drink would be tea

My absolute favorite drink is the moscow mule, but when I’m at the bar with friends, I usually end up ordering a rum and coke- they’re cheaper and will get you intoxicated faster lol!

If you’re going to binge drink, binge drink water because it’s good for you and doesn’t have any calories

  • Drinks to remember: I don’t usually “drink” whenever I study. . . But if I need to do a different kind of remembering then I’d go with moscato or port wine (with all the old text messages from that person, on the side)
  • Drinks to forget: Vodka on the rocks (with lemon for that detoxifying effect)
  • Drinks to get my friends to pour on the grass beneath my grave: Vodka (they know how much I love this boi)
  • Any non-alcoholic drinks: English breakfast tea