Feature Idea for Undiscovered Books/Writers


Hey guys!

Im going to preface this by saying that I think Wattpad is giving us many opportunities to get our books out there. There is a link at the bottom with different ways to get exposure for your book. This is simply an idea that popped into my head due to the number of threads talking about being undiscovered.

I’m posting this in the Cafe because I’m curious what others think about this idea, but if it belongs somewhere else, I’m sorry!

I see a lot of threads here about getting more reads and exposure, how to help undiscovered writers, and the like. I’m a firm believer in “fewer questions, more suggestions” and I actually put this in my performance reviews for all of my direct reports. :joy: So instead of asking an open-ended question about how Wattpad plans to help undiscovered writers, I wanted to offer a suggestion and get your opinions on it.

General Idea:
What would you guys think of an “Undiscovered” tab under “Browse” just above or beneath the “Wattpad Picks” tab?

This tab would only contain stories that have under a certain number of reads, and would contain three columns:

  1. New - books first posted in the last 30 days for example
  2. Recently updated - books that have been updated in the past 48 hours
  3. Completed - books that have been marked as complete

These columns would look similar to the columns in “Wattpad Picks”, they’d just be at the top and you can scroll through them and select one.

Because of the size of Wattpad, there are so many users and so many stories, I don’t think these columns alone would be enough. So once you select a column, I think you should be given a genre list, exactly as it appears underneath the “Browse” tab, and that’s how the stories would be organized.

Let’s say I want to find a new story in the fantasy genre. I would click “Undiscovered” and then select the “New” column. Once I select the “Fantasy” genre within that column, I am shown all fantasy stories that were first posted within the past 30 days.

If I want a hidden romance gem that’s been completed but just hasn’t been put out there yet, I’d click “Undiscovered” and then select “Complete”. Then when I click “Romance”, I’d be given all romance stories that have been marked as complete and have under 5K reads.

There may need to be further organization involved to sort the order of the stories, or maybe it’s always random, but at least we’d have one spot for all of our new and undiscovered writers.

Thoughts? Questions? Comments?

For suggestions on how to get more reads, there is a pretty comprehensive list located here:

Why is it so hard to sustain long-term readers on WP?

That is an absolutely amazing idea!


I like this idea! I mean, I get why they show us books that are already hot, because we might like them too, but that doesn’t mean undiscovered writers aren’t worth our attention. lol :stuck_out_tongue:


@Mikeey1213 I think so! But I’m biased :joy:

@MichiganWriter182 I think Wattpad is doing great trying to help new and undiscovered writers. There are so many avenues to take to get your books out there - reading lists, the Wattys, featured, etc. But I think one spot with the goal of helping undiscovered writers would be awesome!


As an undiscovered writer I would highly agree with this because honestly the only way to get reads when your a new writer is to literally follow anyone that will follow you back and hope they read your stuff.


From the other thread. And again I 100% agree with this well thought out idea


Sounds great it theory, and not so great in practice.

I think Nick mentioned it before, and I’ve observed it. Readers aren’t really Kin on pressing books that are undiscovered. If you’re on the top of the featured list with say, 200 reads, you’ll probably leave it after a month with 500-1K reads.

I don’t think highlighting how unpopular a book is will draw in readers.

I think hiding the numbers on the featured lists and recommendation pages will help a lot. It’s not that unpopular books aren’t recommended (Recommendations are tailored, so if you only get popular books in your recs you probably don’t read a lot and wattpad pushes their ‘default’ recommendations to you) they are, but people don’t just click them.

It’s not wholey that your book gets recommended more after you hit milestones like 1K, 10K, 50K etc. It’s that readers are attracted to the numbers and so they press your book now.


I understand that but how are you supposed to get 500-1k reads if your undiscovered.


I’m slightly confused because I wasn’t saying they’re bad at it. I know they have ways. I just always seem to have the more of the “Hot” lists thrown at me than anything else.


Your idea is good, it might work


I think the problem is that wattpad has always catered to more reads equals better content regardless if it’s unique or not (which is the large majority). Hiding reads is a good idea but the undiscovered reads can help get rid of the stigma about reads in the first place should they not decide to hide them in the first place.


That’s why this is my suggestion:

If readers can’t tell how popular or unpopular a book is from glance they’ll be more likely to give it a chance. (We’ll still keep votes and read counts, you’ll just have to be on writer’s page to see it.)


oh I see


I agree, and that’s totally not always true, so I dislike that they do it. I’ve seen things with 100k+ reads where I KNOW the only reason it got there is because there’s smut in it. Otherwise the writing just isn’t that great.


I do actually like this idea a lot!


But is it always that they won’t click on “unpopular” books, or is it that those books weren’t catered to their tastes? I love finding hidden gems and I feel that many people here do as well. Not everyone, of course. I certainly believe people will not open a book based on the number of reads. But I think a lot of people will.

Having an undiscovered book in Featured doesn’t guarantee that that book is my taste. But if I could search for hidden gems within the genre I want, I would have a ball! :joy:

I didn’t think that was the case. I just liked the idea of having all of the newer, undiscovered books in one spot.

I absolutely love finding new books, and I love watching their reads and votes go up!


A problem with your idea is also because of how the algorithm works in the first place. Should they have more reads they are promoted more and are higher on the teir list for their genre especially when ranking is involved. They can also just look at follows and just decide not to read the book in the first place.


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Thank you! I almost posted it there too :joy: but I was like well, I don’t know because I’m not “officially” suggesting it, just asking for opinions.

Should’ve gone with my gut! :joy:


Yeah, I like to make the distinction between writers and readers. Writers who also read are more likey to look for undiscovered books because they personally know how it feels not to have many readers.

I’ll be honest, for instance, reader me won’t touch any book that’s incomplete with a 10 feet pole, but I’ll make an exception for writers I personally know.

I’m more or less just offering a suggestion on how we could convince readers to read the books.

Like you don’t advertise a store by saying ‘Brand new! No one has eaten here! Be the first!’

It sucks, but people do have that ‘I want someone else to do it first’ mentality.

Otherwise it’s a nice gesture to undiscovered writers to show them wattpad cares.