Feature Idea for Undiscovered Books/Writers


Well for the last part - sorry I have 0 idea how to do the tag thing you guys, gals and non-binary pals do - this is why the community exists. To help writer be known through the weekly promotional threads and discussion threads. I guess if u don’t want to put in the extra work you when no right to complain since you are basing everything of chance.


I don’t share the feeling that the algorithms work the way people think they do to be honest. I find that when I read excessively more niche stuff specific to my taste is thrown to me, and when I’m not reading as much wattpad slips into that ‘default’ recommendations they have for everyone.

Like, these are books I just plucked from my recommendations.

Wattpad won’t tell us how it actually works though, so we’re all just guessing.

These books will sit around with the same read counts for a very long time, while the book I saw with 600k reads last month has 900k plus now. Readers see numbers. It sucks but they really do. :sob:


Fair enough it’s all from personal experience so we are just guessing.


I wasn’t saying you were. I was just starting my response by saying I think there are great options, I would just love an option that’s specifically for new and undiscovered writers.

Like I mentioned in the other thread, I do believe we as readers are to blame for this. I don’t think it’s Wattpad who thinks that way, it’s readers who see more reads and think better content.

But I do think this is starting to change as people realize that all books start somewhere, and even the most read books aren’t always better than the little guy floating around somewhere, waiting for his time to shine.

I forgot to mention in my other reply, I do like this suggestion as well. I’m also torn though, because I don’t want to punish writers who have worked for their high read count either. It’s tough.

But remember, that’s not Wattpad, that’s the readers. The readers are clicking it. Wattpad didn’t say that more reads equals better content, the readers are the ones conjuring up that idea. And I get why they’d associate the two, but yes, it’s not always the case.

This is why a tab for undiscovered would be perfect. We don’t want to do away with rankings or promotion. Books that did well should be put out there so people can find them too. If they’re doing well, chances are they will continue to do so. But sometimes we want to find the next big thing as well, not jump on it when it’s already hot.


I am the same way :see_no_evil: I have trust issues due to books that were abandoned.

For tags, I literally just fine popular books in the same sub-genre that deal with the same kinds of topics, and use their tags. That way when people go through the tags on the popular book they liked, they may find mine as well.

My biggest question is how did those 600K books get there in the first place? I’ve had people comment on how many followers and reads I have for only being here a year and honestly, I can tell them what I did but I didn’t promote my book at all. I have no idea how it got there other than that I talk a lot :joy: so a lot of people have seen me around.

I’ve seen authors here even less time than me that have tens of thousands of followers and millions of reads. I’m like, what kind of sorcery is this? And it’s always interesting to me to think about if I was their 1st, 10th, 100th read.


Oh no no I mean like how do you take a quote and the reply to it the way you did?


Yeah, as someone with lots of reads too I get that completely, but it’s not like I’m seeing my stuff in my recommendations. I only really see them on my page, so if they still get to be on the page I don’t think I’ll have a problem with it.

Confession, I am always very salty until an ongoing book of mine gets to 10K, lol. It’s like suddenly because of the read count more readers think it’s better. I also have new readers that check out the most read books on my profile before deciding to give my ongoing books a chance. I think the logic is ‘If so many people are reading it, it must be good.’ Which is kind of similar to this type of logic: ‘X fandom is so big. Is X series that good?’


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Oh my god your amazing :heart:


I’m sorry. This is off-topic but YAAAAY. That’s my book. Lol. The Nightmare Journal one XD


Bringing up a point i made in my last thread. Is this because of how wattpad works in the first place? Making it seem like more read the better story therefore neglecting the low reads? This isn’t always the case clearly but it is a trend


So far, I’ve only completed one book and my second book is ongoing but a continuation of the first. So it’s doing well, but mostly because people are going from the first to the second.

I’m curious how my other new story, which will be completely unrelated, will do in the beginning. But yes, I totally get what you’re saying. It’s a little frustrating :joy:


Hahah thanks, I try! :tipping_hand_woman:t2:‍♀

This actually just made my day! Yay!!


Haha. Thank you :smile:


Congrates what genre is it? I may be interested


I’m not really sure how Wattpad themselves would do that? There are books people at wattpad HQ like but they have a hard time convincing readers to read.

No shade, but there’s a book that won a watty in 2016. It’s been featured like 4-5 times and yet it only has like 400K reads at the moment.

My book with 0 wattpad promotion posted around the same time has 1.2M reads now.

You can lead a horse to water but you can’t force them to drink it.

We have to remember that readers are the one’s picking what gets popular. No one is making them read anything and even when Wattpad itself tries to influence what they read, it will all depend on if they want to read it or not.


Ah, that’s awesome!


Thank you!
They’re oneshots based on my nightmares and dreams. So, you’ll find all kinds of genres included. From science fiction to fantasy to horror and even humor.


I would consider 400k very popular in my opinion and I usually stay away from promoted works.


Thank you :smile: