Feature Idea for Undiscovered Books/Writers


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I dont usually read oneshots but i enjoy them when i read them and they are unexpected. Looking forward to reading it.


My point is, even when wattpad tires to influence what readers read at the end of the day readers are the deciding force in that matter. It got 400K reads from a watty and about 4-5 features. Over the course of 3 years. To be honest, that’s not impressive. You’d think with wattpad’s seal of approval it’d do better.


Awesome! I hope you like them ^-^


That is very true but not everyone does what is promoted but maybe the most popular trend in that genre at the time wasn’t the same as the book? Idk. Throwing out idea’s rn to be honest.

Besides winning doesn’t always equate to succeeding in the most popular sense.


Very true. I’ve seen many people want to place full blame on Wattpad but the truth is, Wattpad can only give us different opportunities and avenues. It’s us that decide what gets the reads and votes.

So I guess it depends on their developer team priority and manpower, but I think an Undiscovered tab definitely can’t hurt. If people don’t click it, they don’t click it. But worst case scenario - it will be exactly as it is now. Best case scenario - people looking for those hidden gems will now be able to find them by genre.

I wonder if Wattpad uses Clicktale or something similar to view where users are clicking and how they’re searching?

I would understand if they don’t want to dedicate the people and money to create something that they feel would barely have an impact. But it’s a suggestion for them to consider!


And there can only be so many winners when in reality, there are way more great books than there are available spots winning a competition.


Wow. I think this is a really interesting idea. I also like to search out the hidden gems. It can be very difficult to weed through things with limited search options. The stories with low reads tend to get hidden or are so far down on the lists that no one sees them. This would be a good way to bring them to the surface without taking the spotlight from the featured or suggested stories.


Me too, the next big thing has to start somewhere. It could be sitting on Wattpad with five reads right now. :joy:

This is exactly my goal. I don’t want to take anything away from established, popular books. They’ve earned their spot, no matter how much people may want to undermine them. This would just create an additional spot for people just starting out and hopefully ease that frustration that so many seem to be feeling.


I completely agree. The individuals in the featured spots have earned their place and this should not take away from that. I think your idea would give the opportunity for exposure to newer undiscovered writers. They would still have to appeal to readers with their works, but the work would no longer be hidden.


Seems like something that would help all those people who exclusively read undiscovered books, I’d be for this.


Exactly! I definitely agree with people who mentioned before that many won’t read books with few reads but I do think that’s changing, and we can see evidence of that shift in the forums here and also in story requests on the app as well.

Before, I definitely think people assumed reads = good content. Now that Wattpad has been around awhile and there are so many more stories and authors, I think people are realizing that those popular authors came from somewhere and there are other beautifully written stories waiting to be discovered.


I think it’s a great idea! As a new/undiscovered writer and someone who is more interested in quality over how many views a book has, I would love the opportunity to be able to have a dig for some gems. :slight_smile: Im always looking for something that can capture me.


Okay gonna stop right here… I’m on board. Omg, I love it. I think it’s a great idea. Now to continue reading. :joy:


@SabrinaBlackburry Now I just don’t know how to get my idea to people who can review it and have a say :joy:

@LizzieIndigo Same! It’s seriously one of my favorite things - finding these amazing books that nobody knows exist. And when I do, and then my followers start reading it too, I get so excited :joy: the ball starts rolling!

@LostNeverland4 I’m happy so many people seem to be on board! Now to find out if it’s even possible.


Trick question. You don’t. :joy:


I probably have one book on my reading list with over 10k. The rest are under 5k, one is 6k. I basically cater to the undiscovered writers.

Why? Undiscovered writers are not very known. They’re more likely to reply to your comments and be appreciative. You won’t get lost in the sea of comments as just another reader. You mean something to them. This isn’t to say popular writers don’t care about readers, but they just get so many that they don’t reply more times than not. If a popular writer replies to comments, I applaud them. It’s amazing to see as a reader who doesn’t want to be ignored. I write my comments hoping the author will see them. Okay, moving on.

As an undiscovered writer, readers mean so much to us. Even just one reader can brighten our whole day. I got home from work today and someone has commented over 5 times on a chapter on an old book of mine. It really brightened my mood.

It can be hard to get discovered. It is hard. I am a reader who purposely seeks out undiscovered works to help fellow authors. I won’t read anything over 50k most times. I just don’t get noticed as a reader in popular books.


I’m not sure exactly either but I have a strong feeling that these forums are monitored pretty heavily by HQ and I feel like a thread like this that got a ton of attention is at least something that would be put on the table for consideration.

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