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Yeah, still want this undiscovered feature. Still sounds like a good idea to me.


I love this idea.


@LostNeverland4 @chloboshoka I think it would be really awesome. I was searching again this week for undiscovered books in my favorite genres so I can be one of the first to read them. I found one that was 70K, but I’d like something smaller.


I think this is a great idea! There’s already an “undiscovered gems” category in the suggestions the app displays, but it would be great to select such an option while using the search function.


Well, and here’s the thing. I did take my time to search up this system we already have that neon mentioned and if you’re going to use the browsing tab to find a genre and then click the hot, rising, or new… There’s no possible way to also filter out completed or undiscovered stories. It’s not possible in the browse tab unless the author actually tags their book completed or undiscovered, which most people don’t do.

These are options in the recommended tab, but then you can search up a specific genre because not everyone knows that you have to actually tag your book with its genre as well. So yeah we kinda need this system because the one we have doesn’t allow us to do what you’re suggesting.

It’s okay if people don’t like the undiscovered tab. I don’t like the recommended tab but I wouldn’t take it away for anyone else. They can just simply not use this undiscovered tab if it became a thing.

Also YES there are plenty of people, believe it or not, that specifically look for undiscovered stories to help smaller authors. So saying “this is useless, nobody is going to read a book because of low reads” is a lie. People do do this. I do this. I help out undiscovered authors.


I loved this!!!


@JEHallows Thanks! This would put a cap in place for what is considered undiscovered, and allow you to filter by genre as well as completed, new, and recently updated. So it’ll make finding undiscovered stories that fit your tastes much easier.

@LostNeverland4 I definitely agree. I always want to find books people haven’t read yet, but I also want them to fit my tastes as well. Having a few suggestions for books outside of the genres I read isn’t very helpful to me.

I was also trying to find my exact idea duplicated somewhere in the app, with the different filters and levels, and couldn’t find it either. I was pretty sure it didn’t already exist.

@thatblondreader Thanks!


You can find completed or incomplete by pressing this button: (this is on the android app - I’ll grab screen shots from the web when I get back on my laptop!)

And then this pops up:

(excuse my ugly drawing skills :joy:)


Not in the browse tab is what I said though. It is in the recommended but the browse tab limits people so they cant filter complete, undiscovered, or mature stories. Not unless people add those tags and not everyone knows to or remembers to. (I don’t even add a completed tag to my completed books because it’s a waste of tags in my eyes when the book is marked complete already.)


I’m on board for this! I know Wattpad can always improve in helping undiscovered writers/books.


I don’t know about other people here, but for me, it’s the combination of features that would make the suggestion work.

Like the examples I listed in the original post, it’s being able to narrow down by undiscovered (a cap of 5K for example) and genre and complete (or recently updated or new)

I want to find the next big thing! :joy:


Oh it’s not a tag - you mark it complete, like you’d mark something mature. I went to the browse thingie and just searched Fantasy and then you can choose those options. Or are we talking about two different things? :thinking:


Yeah I don’t know. I never use the search optipn because it… Leaves much to be desires. Let’s just phrase it that way :joy:


Actually scratch everything I said. I just remembered what the browse feature was :joy:


:joy: It’s okay haha.


This really goes to show how little I use the main site, huh? :joy: #ClubsForLyfe


Just read through all of this to catch up and wanna say how awesome you are for keeping your cool when that user was being so blatantly awful and rude to you. It was completely uncalled for but you handled yourself like a champ. Better than I could have done :joy:

This is a baller idea and I think you can see that by the vast support it has already gained :slight_smile:


Ha thanks. I think (hope?) it was more a miscommunication than anything. I feel like that happens a lot when we can’t see the person’s facial expressions so I’m going to go with that.

And thank you! I really hope they consider it! :crossed_fingers:t3:


Love this idea and it’s organization!