Feature Idea for Undiscovered Books/Writers


All of this! This is so true. Even when I get book club readers who go through and comment critiques, I feel so elated that someone is reading my story. Even just a vote or getting someone adding my book to their list.

I try hard to thank people even for votes and list adds but some slip through the cracks.

As an author without 1K reads on my fiction, it’s easy and fun to respond to readers comments. And I’ve definitely noticed that lots of other undiscovered authors respond quickly too.


I think a lot has to do with the fact that we aren’t used to all this recognition and we get too excited not to acknowledge that someone is actually interested in our work. I know that’s how it is for me. I’m still not used to getting the recognition.


Yes! Same here. On my old account some of my works did rather well cause they were fanfic, but I never got used to it. I loved seeing new people and now that I have to fight even more for readers, I’m grateful and excited to see them.


I get that haha. I get more excited to see new readers on my original work than I do my fanfiction because my fanfiction has more reads. Plus my original work is stuff I’m just as proud of and seeing others enjoy something wholly my idea is exciting.


Same! My fanfic was also mostly published before the system broke so they got easier reads.


I imagine that. It’s hard to get reads in general.


It really is, especially under the new system.


I feel like even having broader search options/filters would give one the opportunity to “walk”. I’d love to be able to search for something new/ recently updated/ by a new author within a certain genre, beyond just looking at what’s new or hot within certain tags.


The feature that already exists isn’t the same feature the OP was suggesting. I explained why in this thread already. She’s looking for something more specific and expanded as opposed to what we already have.


like in deviantart?


I still think the OP was very clear from the beginning. Most if not all people understood what she was suggesting. It can get frustrating to explain yourself but I don’t think it ever justifies calling someone illiterate or technologically challenged.


I’m not sure if this is directed at me or not, but I just wanted to throw it out there that I’m all for criticism and other suggestions. My responses were simply trying to clarify what I was suggesting and how it’s different from what we already have in place. Just for future reference if anyone else wants to throw out ideas.

Yep! Exactly! :blush: and thanks for your support.

I’ve never used that site. How is theirs set up?


I’m not sure whether the undiscovered tab is hand picked or just any unpopular pieces made within 48 hours, but all artworks recommmended have less than 40 favourites (basically votes?).


For me, I don’t base my reads on the top list. I dig deeper and scroll down to sub genre.


The problem here are the readers. Lol
They based their pick on what hot on the block.


I mean, I’m not saying that people don’t ever do that.


There used to be an undiscovered gems section for books and even a literal section for new stories that were just posted and new users. This was 2012-2014 Wattpad and I miss it so much! I have no idea why they would change it. I come back and now there’s paid stories and ads and it almost makes it impossible to sit down and enjoy a book. The lack of new users section and new books makes it hard to be discovered. I wish they’d bring these features back!


This lets you exclude ongoing works, but not the opposite. You can’t say you only want to see ongoing. It’s still pretty limited

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Sorry for the mass tag, just curious how many of you filled out the survey at the top of the forums today? It talks about Wattpad’s “home” tab and asks a lot about the different story suggestions. One question even has a selectable answer about there being too many “popular” stories.

There wasn’t a whole lot about adding new tabs, although I did mention this thread in one of my write-in answers, but this might be our chance to influence them to offer more exposure to undiscovered authors and books. :blush:


I filled it out! I was happy to see that they seem to finally be answering our concerns.