Feature: language tag

I find myself endlessly scrolling in search for discussion threads in my mother tongue (english isn’t) and it takes forever. A nice shortcut would be the possibility to tag topics with the language they’re in so that I can immediatly reach the community I am writing for.

I understand english perfectly and can read it with no issue, but oftentimes, the opposite isn’t true. Since I write in a language that isn’t english, there is VERY little for me to gain by reaching out in anglophone forums. Don’t get me wrong: I still read and participate in english discussions, but I would also like the ability to easily find peeps with whom I share a native language, if that makes sense.

Completely agree!

I constantly get suggested stories in Tagalog, but I don’t speak Tagalog?
I am surprised there are no language filters?? (Maybe there are but I don’t know?!)