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Any tips or tricks to get on the Wattpad Featured List? I always wondered how the staff picked the books.

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I have yet to be on the featured list, but I have been looking into this. From what I have read, you need to have a good book cover, a well written blurb that draws people in, and your book needs to be virtually free of errors, with a good plot etc. If you have done all this and you want to get onto the featured list, you can add the #featured or #featuredlist into the tags of your book, this will increase your chances of becoming featured. I wish you the best of luck on your journey!


I had a book featured in June this year and I think the best tip I can give is; have a banging cover and a banging story. And use the tag #Featured. Be a positive presence on the site, someone Wattpad would be glad to showcase work from.

And I’ve learned from an AMA we had here in the beginning of the beta test, that they screen books and then choose which would first of all;

  • be a good fit for the list (like what work deserves it)
  • which books fits with other books (this could come down to which cover goes well with other book covers)
  • which books would benefit from it
  • which trend is Wattpad currently looking into (or which trend would they like to see more of)

I honestly still don’t know what made them choose my book. It’s not really a trendsetter - it’s Urban Fantasy centred around animal-shifters. There are most definitely better books on Wattpad. It had around 10k reads when it was featured - so it wasn’t chosen because of a massive amount of reads or anything. I had maybe… 400 followers? So I didn’t have a huge account either. English is my third language so there’s definitely grammatical errors and stuff like that in it. It’s nowhere near perfect. I mean, I’m super proud of it myself, but I can definitely see its flaws too.

I think in the end it’s a huge portion of luck. You have to be lucky to somehow draw attention from the right people to your books and then those people have to see something in your works that they like enough for it to get on the featured list. I think it really helped that a very big user who’s also a Wattpad Star added my book to her reading list, because not long after it got featured. So that might’ve had a role to play too.

What you can do on top of just making sure your story, blurb and cover is banging, is sending an application to the @TalentScouts. They deal with both Wattpad Studios (the ones who help books get film and series deals, publishing deals) and they deal with the featured programme too. That’s one way of getting the right people’s attention.

I hope this helped and good luck! :smile:


As @AWFrasier mentioned, there’s a number of variables. Being a positive influence on the community definitely is one way to be considered for the Featured List. There have been a number of users who have gotten onto the list that way.

And of course there’s luck and who actually sees your work beforehand. The Feature list is based around a particular theme or idea that Wattpad has for a set duration (which was mentioned to us through beta early on and on Wattpad by Nick). So they pick books to fit that kind of theme, even though it can be hard to determine what that theme actually is sometimes…

And another way is getting noticed by Wattpad. Before @AWFrasier was featured, she supported the LGBT movement for the LGBT month that Wattpad had. Her account blew up a little and she was featured after that. Tbh, there’s probably a number of reasons why she was featured, but I think Wattpad noticed her through that and her consistancy of releasing books etc (which I still haven’t found anyone just as consistant as her on Wattpad yet).


Ahhh I see. Thanks for the information. How would you suggest being a positive influence on the community? Do you mean like commenting and voting on other stories? Being active in the forums?


Commenting and voting on others books with positive feedback, commenting to every person who comments on your book, thanking readers, getting readers invovled in your works by using social media, following the wattpad trends they post on Twitter since that’s their main place for news (seriously, it is. You’d think they would use their own site for this case, but they don’t).

Being active in book clubs. Forums does help, but that caters to mostly writers and it’s about 10% of the userbase.

Being supportive of other writers, evem entering ambassador run comps can help too. Also a part of getting noticed isn’t what you know, but who you know. Finding the right connections helps you to gain exposure. @AWFraser mentioned that earlier about the big profile.

There’s a lot more variables too. Like they look for themes in a book, consistency of writing, book/account activity, wattpad trends, genre of book, popularity etc, etc. It goes on. Wattpad looks at many, many things when it comes to being Featured. It’s more than just having a “pretty” cover that makes the list :wink:

The quality of writing is a thing too, but I’ sure they take different writig styles into consideration etc. It depends on what they’re looking for in the next roll over of what is to be Featured and the idea/theme they’re thinking of etc, etc


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'The quality of writing is a thing too… ’
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Considering all I’ve seen on the featured lists, why is that a priority? To each their own.


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Where I live it does have Scottish heritage, so most likely yes :wink:


How does one determine when to throw their story into the big scary pond with all the other big fishes?

In other words, how do other writers determine it’s time to add the #featured tag to their work for consideration to the featured list?


That’s a good question. I think I added it right away when I started uploading my book - mostly because I was never expecting it to do anything, but I also thought “What the hell. It won’t hurt.” 6 months later it got featured.

Books without the tag have been featured in the past too, so don’t expect your book to be invisible just because it doesn’t have the tag.

But honestly, you can add it whenever you want. If they wanna feature you, they’ll do so with or without the tag. The tag probably just helps them to find more works.


So, I was featured in October, I think. I had like a 100 followers and my book had like 5 parts. Getting featured was nice, but it wasn’t what I’d expected.

I didn’t have the #featured tag, so I have no idea how they found my book, but something must have happened because I woke up one morning with a message from the bot.

There wasn’t really any change for me? No skyrocket in votes or reads or followers. What I got then is what I’m getting now, probably even more. I would have preferred them not featuring my book because I felt it wasn’t ready. Like I said, it had 5 parts and I wasn’t updating all that much.

I’ve added the tag this time, and I’m waiting to see what happens.

I’m going to echo what the others have said about good plot, good writing, eye-catching cover. I guess you have to be an active member of the community too, depending on your niche. I’m not really all that active in the clubs but on the app, I’m pretty much active there.

Your reader retention/completed reads by part may have something to do with being featured because I remember mine being like 50+% despite having like 1k/2k reads and 5 parts.


Just going to sub…


I got featured without having the tag, and while I’m incredibly grateful, if I’d had the choice I would have had it be once I finished the book. I’m an irregular updater. I write in fits and bursts, and if I don’t stop myself, I get caught up in editing the same parts over and over again because I’m never happy with them. If you’re like me, I’d advise adding the tag once you’re finished. It means you won’t lose the patience of readers because of long gaps between updates, and it’s a nice motivation to push through to the end.

If you’ve finished books before and know you can stick to a updating schedule, go for it whenever, since you don’t lose anything by adding it. :slight_smile:


How did you get featured? What did you do to get noticed?


I genuinely don’t know. I’ve made friends on here, and I do my best writing-wise, but I don’t know who selected it or why. All I can say is a repeat of what everyone else on this thread has said: have a story that’s engaging and well-written, make sure you’ve got a quality blurb, have a nice cover, and socialize.


Quality blurb? I would like to say check.
Nice cover? Having someone make a new one now, as many people don’t like my current one.
Socialize? Oh, hell yeah. I’m here every day for many hours. I’m even running a vampire community, though it’s brand new.

I hope this’ll be enough… And if not, nothing will change.


I don’t know how big a difference covers make. The one I had at the time isn’t one I’d call amazing, but it can never hurt to change if you are unhappy with the one you’ve got. I will add that I had over seventeen parts when I got featured. I know some people have had less, but just I just too a peak at the featured list right now and there doesn’t seem to be any stories with under ten.