Featured List


Yep… That’ll take some work… looks at the tiny ‘3’
But I’ll get there in a few weeks, especially if I can stay productive and write 2 extra chapters per week to expand my backlog and do an extra update on Friday.

Out of interest, is there a specific genre that gets featured?


I pretty sure there isn’t for the official featured list, but the themed lists are more specific. At the moment they have a VR one and that’s called ‘Blast to the Future Past’ - not sure what that is exactly. They seem to change them up. And I assume Up and Coming isn’t genre specific, either.


I think they try to have at least one book from every genre of the main list.


Huh, I hadn’t realised that, but they do seem to! That’s nice to know.


Ah, makes sense. Thank you.

I’m a tad discouraged now, as my story is nowhere near as good as other fantasy stories.


There’s no point thinking that way. :slight_smile: You’re never the best judge of your own work. And I can say with total honesty that there are far better paranormal stories than mine out there, but I still got featured. Keep writing and enjoying what your writing, which is what ultimately counts. And you might well get featured at some point too.


@FireAlwaysReturns and you never know when you could get featured if you do. There’s a lot of variables, so don’t get too worried about it. Just write cos that’s what you like to do. The Featured List is just the icing on the cake


Exactly. We are our own worst critics


Completely agree with that.


Oh dude, my book was featured at the same time as a book that is getting published and another that’s getting a TV show. Don’t you even worry. :smile: All kinds of books gets featured.


Even dialogue books. You forgot that one :wink:


Books with only dialogue? No text? How?


Check out Lumi’s (@astrophile) books. They have a bunch of dialogue stories. (Superhero Hotline and the Happiness Project - both of which were featured)


I forgot to mention too (and pretty sure everyone else has), even having the right tags to make your book easily identifiable based on what it is, is crucial. Nick from Wattpad has confirmed this as a means of one of the many ways Wattpad looks at works for relevancy etc


stares at the ginormous list of tags

I realised I forgot to add ‘fantasy’, so added that in.


Good thing you checked :wink:


How many tags out of 25 do you have?


All 25


Neat. Can you show me? It might give inspiration


Jumping in here to say I have eight tags. :smiley: I’m trying the minimalist route to see if it makes any difference. There wasn’t actually any noticeable drop in reads when I cut down, I didn’t have more than fifteen when I was featured, as far as I remember.


Woah, this is weird… Your MC is named Maisie, but a friend of mine also has an MC named Maisie. Is that name that common? I never heard it before that friend used it.