Featured List


I had to do it via app


And I use a lot of niche tags…


Is see… The tags do show clearly that the story is a bit scary and psychological. Thank you for sharing.

Do you think having niche tags help you get more noticed?


It did when the new system first started. Now, it works a bit better since everyone is using a lot of genre tags in their books


It’s a relatively common name. I didn’t really put much thought into it; I just wanted something short and easy to remember.


Speaking from experience, don’t let that discourage you. If you want it, tag it. Let Wattpad judge it. I’ve been featured twice (though not since they changed to the tagging system. Once was someone else submitting me, the second was me submitting myself) and trust me, I’m the last person to be tooting my horn in terms of quality :laughing: So I very much maintain that if I can do it, anyone can.


I was featured on Wattpad three years ago, so the process was different for me. But they took my story cover, blurb, writing style and being active on the website into account. It was a great experience and met so many lovely people. I also got spammed a little bit as well.


The other day, I finally decided to let Ranger Rising swim in the big fish pond with all the other stories tagged featured. She’s scared and alone and wishes her author would rethink the decision and remove the tag.



I’ve been on the featured list twice this year, one for my YA historical fiction novel and the other for one of my poetry collection novels.

All I did was have a great cover and summary, tagged them “featured”, and I worked my tail off with marketing and editing/writing my poetry and novel on Wattpad and on Twitter.

You need to make yourself known, and that means treating Wattpad like it’s a part-time job. It can be difficult if you already have a job, but if writing and becoming well known on here is what you want, then it’s worth it. But just so you’re aware, it takes time and patience.


Oh, i would give an arm and a leg to be featured. But Wattpad hates me ahaha


Poor Sam


wow same

your book would make a gr8 feature, though.


Nah, it’s too slow for wattpad. But thanks tho


Pffftt, they just don’t know what the color of silence is :wink:


They don’t. They really don’t


Seriously? :open_mouth:
The connections that I have make a difference? Well, I can’t do anything about that. The friendships comes naturally, they can’t be forced.

Ah, well. I’ll just wait for something to happen.


What on earth is this? O.o


Yup. It can do. After all (and in most creative fields), it’s not what you know, but who you know :wink:

Friendships do come naturally, but the way how you find people sometimes falls into place. For example, how I met you. That wasn’t exactly by chance :wink:


It wasn’t? XD
Well, we did meet because we both love psychological stories. Hmm. I see what you mean :wink:
Thanks, Jesse.


No probs. Nate pointed your book out to me. Back then, we were scouting for users we thought would be interesting. I’ve found a number of interesting works that way for horror :wink:


Wow. I didn’t know that =D
I miss Nate :broken_heart: