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Same. He hasn’t been online since April :frowning:

And his story wasn’t too bad either. It was fun helping with it


Yeah : (


Err… It’s too early for me to think properly. Can you be more specific?


The tags list. I replied to you in the picture if the tags list. You can see what I replied to by clicking at the top right corner of my reply, where your picture is placed.


I was wondering what are those tags? What do they represent? Where did you get them from?


One of my goals for the end of 2018 is to end up on the featured list. After 4 years, it seems impossible xD


I know, I did that, but I was still confused.

The tags are things relevant to my book (#abigail for the mc, #magic because there’s magic, #urbanfantasy because it’s urban fantasy). I didn’t “get” them, I wrote them


Oh I see. Thanks =)


So I read through the whole thread and I have done everything you’ve all suggested. Thanking people, being super active, tags etc etc. Someone even mentioned I was whoring myself out on wattpad, and I can’t say I disagree. Is the best course of action now to just bade my time and wait?


“Someone” was being rather rude. Or jealous. Or whatever. Wattpad is a social media platform, you need to be active with people. Otherwise, given that it’s a writer platform, the more you write the better your chances are of getting discovered and read. If you read stories you like and provide meaningful feedback, the authors will often return the favour. That’s how it worked for me.
By the way, even if this discussion is not strictly related to trad and self publishing (focus of this club) I left it on. Wattpad is shifting more in a “traditional publishing” direction, is valuing original and quality work and getting featured for me is part of the process.


Thank you. I don’t think just feedback covers what I do on a general basis haha. I do reviews on my profile. reviews in another community, I’m in 2 book clubs and beta read + critique two of my others friends books. I am like those flies that people can’t catch but I keep buzzing around everwhere XD

I suppose then if all that fails, i just have to keep writing and writing to get recognized. :slight_smile:


Exactly :slight_smile: But the main thing is writing because you enjoy it :wink:

Btw, you must be a busy person on Wattpad. I’ve seen your username about quite a number of times


Haha. I feel like that’s the nicer way of saying what the other person said XD. But yes, I am very active on WP :wink:

I do write because I can’t imagine a day where I would hate it. Writing is literally my salvation half the time. It would be nice though to get it recognized sometimes, but i suppose it is all up to how the universe wants it to be :stuck_out_tongue:


Exactly. And there’s different ways of doing so. Interaction on a variety of methods always tends to work out in the end. Some work more than others, but depends on what you do. Every user has different luck and ways to do things. Wattpad offers a lot of different ways to promote oneself, including the use of social media etc :wink:


Yeah, I don’t really use too much social media other than Instagram and WP, and even on insta, it’s just my school friends. And let’s be honest, NONE of them care I write and rather while away their time doing nothing and making a slop of their lives. Then they have the nerve to tell me I am wasting my time ‘writing’ which is basically ‘useless’ anyway. * snorts *


I had a lot of that in the past with the other stuff I did in my life. I always got the “you can do so much better with your life” speech. I still do :confused:

Most people I know that know I write don’t care either. They ask once or twice, but that’s about it. However, they do think it’s kewl that it’s online and communicate with people etc. They like that concept, but of course like most people in this day and age, they’d prefer to watch movies and tv shows with the addition of PC/console gaming. Just the typical really.

But everyone has a different perception of how to live life. There’s many different ways to interpret it :wink:


Well, I say screw them and do what you love haha. I mean, I love my tv shows, don’t get me wrong. I am a tv show buff, if that even exists. But I hate how people are just moving away from books these days. How do people not like to read? It astounds me.


I think they think it’s too much work to read, and without moving images and sound, it isn’t interactive enough for modern day standards

Hiiii. Totally not been stalking this convo


IKR? At work when I take my book to read during my breaks, I always get staff staring at me (I speed read). I always get asked if I can process the words. The reaction is hilarious though. They oogle at me like I’m from another planet, and of course, joke about how some people are strange. It’s amusing giving them some smack talk too. It’s so much fun, especially if you start using words outside their vocabulary.

And it helps if you don’t talk a lot to them either. They take your silence as being an idiot :confused:


I occasionally see people reading on the bus, that’s very rare. Generally people take out their phones (including me, but I cheat by reading on Wattpad)