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Kewl beans :wink:

I agree. With the digital age moving forward and things being more accessible, people want easier things. I’ve found through the years (well the last decade and a half), that people are getting lazier with everything in general. I’m not sure if that’s just me noticing that where I live etc, but yeah…


I read through the app as well. If I’m critiquing, that’s the only time I use PC :wink:


Same. I prefer reading on my phone.

As for the laziness, I can definitely see that. Even at school, people now prefer talking and screwing around on instagram than actually worrying about exams and doing stuff in class


Same here. People are just on insta like ALL DAY and it baffles me what they find so fascinating. Keep in mind that I am the same age as them as well so…if I can find something better to do with my life, why can’t they?


:joy: Ahhh, I totally agree :slight_smile:


It may be because of my upbringing and past. From the age of seven, I’ve been bullied, everything I ever loved bashed in ten different ways by others my age. So I turned into myself, escaped in reading and later in gaming - though reading still remained a huge part away from a PC. On top of that, my family values books more than phones.


It is so fun to throw big words at people who haven’t picked up a book nearly their entire lives. Their reaction is priceless. I also happen to speed-read. My average is 100 pages per hour [ when the average for teens like like half of that?] depending on the font. If it is bigger font like 120, smaller then maybe 80. But still a lot more than people usually get through.


Same here! People used to tease me all the time for being a loner [ which i humbly accept I am lol ] and reading all the time like some nerd. I just learned to take that label and use it to my advantage. My family also encourages both my sister and I to read so bonus points for us!


Nice. I don;t have a clue what mine is per hour. I really depends if I’m into the book or not :slight_smile:

And of course, the size of the text, and the way in which things are conveyed etc. If the style is simplistic, I can read it sooooo fast.

These people have. A lot of co-workers are people in their mid 40’s and 50’s, so they like to try and hassle me lol. It’s all fun and games, but I give it back :wink:


I timed it once, so I know XD. Style also plays an important part, I agree. There are some high level prose [ classics] that take me a little more time to adjust to simply because I am so used to reading simple, modern YA.

I think I am totally going to win this mini-debate on big words by saying, there is NOTHING more fun than imposing large words on teenagers whose brain cells are leached out by Instagram and video games 24/7. I have a friend who didn’t know what ‘catastrophe’ was. Not joking, cross my heart.


I’ve been reading a lot of H P Lovecraft in the last month. I’ve had to take a break from it because of how the language is structured. Some takes a bit longer than others to read, but man, he has a lot of different things going on. Some stories take a while to read because of that, but it’s highly entertaining nevertheless :slight_smile:

Really? Bugger :confused:

I do like the word misanthropic. You can do a lot of awesome description with that, especially with horror or even Dark Fantasy :slight_smile:


I mean to try his books out sometime. it’s been sitting on my imaginary ‘shelf’ behind a bunch of other books I have been meaning to get to.


Hahaha, true. I have a tome of all his works. The print is a little small, but you get used to it. There’s so many works…


But we’ve strayed far away from featured lists, people. Let’s get back


Agreed. Sorry :frowning:


Do features have the same impact they used to? You used to hear of people getting 30k reads from being featured, but I’ve noticed that there’s been a slow down on how many reads pour in from a feature alone these days. Is that due to the shorter amount of time that works get featured for or that people are changing their reading habits and using the tags more? Is this the right place to ask this question? IDK.


I don’t know why but when I was featured two years ago that boosted my story from 20 K to the 150 K it now has. Okay, if you take the core feature I maybe got 40 K out of it but it got added to reading lists and is still moving along. The other feature gave me maybe 4 K. I think the platform has got so unbelievably big that even a feature will not move your story unless you write exactly what the audience expects.


I’ve noticed the same thing and I’ve been wondering what slowed down the traffic.

I was featured for 15 days in December last year and my reads went from 7.50K to around 20K during that time. In the following months, I noticed that those who were featured around January to May had a greater boost in reads compared to mine, but those numbers slowly decreased in later months.

I wonder what’s going on :thinking:


I know people who’ve gotten like 80k. Personally I got 10k and 1k votes, so not too savvy.


10k’s still good though