Featured List


Yeah that’s what I’m saying. I was super stoked, and still am!


It definitely doesn’t have the impact it used to. I haven’t been featured under this new time limit system, but I have been featured twice. The first time there was still a scrolling marquee of stories on the main page before people logged in. I got 100K in a week during that stint. That was about an 8 month stint because I removed the book for a time thinking I was going to publish it.

My second stint was right before this change. The book was up for about a year. I still got a little over 100k reads during that time, but it was over the entire year.

I’m in favor of the time limit because during my second stint there were books still on the featured list that were on it during my first stint. That was like 3 years between featuring times so that was too long. Even my year was too long. However, they don’t seem to promote the featured books the way they used to. That scrolling marquee people saw is gone. I don’t see them getting promoted on Twitter or facebook anymore. They basically go on the list and that’s it. I think that promotion helped quite a bit so with it gone, the lists just don’t have the same impact any more.


I’d like to see Wattpad do a little more to help writers grow their platforms as well. Definitely didn’t notice that they stopped sharing things as much to Facebook and Twitter but that would be really helpful to a lot of authors who are trying to break it into the industry or just get eyes on their work and make people more likely to try to get seriously onto the featured lists.


Yeah I’m a little sad they took away the promotion. Only books I see get shouted out on Twitter now are by the Stars or a contest book. Which I get it, the Stars are usually bringing in money for them, just a shame to see the featured list books lose their promotion. Maybe because of the short stint they have on the list now they don’t feel they could promote all of them fairly.


What is ‘stint’?


One of the definitions of stint is “a person’s fixed or allotted period of work” so in this case my length of time on the featured list was a combined 1 year and 8 month stint.


They had this rotating system. For a limited amount of time one was in the top three or top five positions, then one went into the pool but still popped up occasionally. There was a whole reading list called “featured” in the various genre and that’s where people looked. Okay, they only scrolled the top ten max but because of the rotation system the story got right up there and pulled in reads. Now it is pretty well hidden. Don’t forget, there are other promos i.e. the “you might like this or that” if you read x. But compared to what a book could do it is very slow. There are just so many stories on the platform…


looks around

Raising my hand here as the one who got close to 80k (if I’m remembering correctly. I’d have to go back and look).

I was also the top, number one spot for the majority of my time on the featured list. I’d count myself as one of the few with these types of numbers, though. I received around 5k reads a night.


5k a night? By the gods…


OMG if this is the case then bring back the old lists. XD

Been featured three times – pretty sure I’ve gotten less than 3k reads on the most successful one. When I was listed, I frequently checked the stories I was up there with, they seemed to move just as slow. BUT we weren’t on the main featured list. Things seem to move faster on that one.


What did you do to get featured three times?


This was after the change. This was in March of this year.


Yeah. It was insane. I can still hardly believe it happened and the way it went when it happened. Absolutely insane!


Wrote three books. Beyond that… couldn’t tell you with a gun to my head.


Hahaha, yeah girl!

I think the placement has a major impact. I was far down and then at the very last spot. I also shared the list with books about to be published and adapted to film series. So the fact I managed to get what I did, I think is pretty cool. :smile:


Uh… I feel incredibly stupid for asking. What is the featured list? What is it for?


The featured list is like a spotlight for books that HQ chooses. Getting featured is what could make your book :slight_smile:


Where is this featured list normally located?


Right here:


You can enter it through the Discover tab on the web and if you press “Browse” on the app, there’s a banner saying “Wattpad Picks” - that’s where you’ll find all the lists.


Oh, huh. I guess I just never saw those before. Thanks.