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They’re pretty well hidden unless you actually know they’re there, tbh.


The thing about the featured list now is that they keep featuring cliche stories or stories with a million plus reads, books I would never touch. Some of the featured books have horrible covers. Other featured stories are watty winners from the previous. I am curious why such watty winners and books with 16M + views have to get featured? Not that they don’t get to get recognition, it already seems they get it? Shed some light on the poor never featured people here please?

But the thing is, even without a feature my book is doing super well, with 33K reads in 4. 5 months, so I am not too bothered but still would like it, you know?


Your book is amazing, no doubt about it :smiley:

I also question myself why? I especially “hate” seeing one and the same book featured 3 times in 5 months. Like once in Featured and twice in those sub-featured folders. I really dislike it.

Fine, they are good, I won’t argue, but hey, what about a little space for hidden authors :smiley:

Not that I have any illusions that any type of Featured would bring any readers to me :rofl: I bet it would be like 100-200 reads at most XD Seriously, I don’t believe in anything bigger than this :wink:


Haha thanks! <33

Eh, might have to disagree with you there. Some of them are so cliche it makes my eyes hurt. A lot of the featured books are books from the 2012-2015 when bad boys were the hype, so then it makes sense. now? people are screaming for some originality

Not going to argue on that. Fanfiction, other than one direction fanfic is not super popular and most people keep away from fanfiction in general because they want I guess, more original plot lines. I usually stay away from fanfic because of that reason and most are not open ones like yours?

I am not saying fanfic can’t be written well, because the only fanfic I will devour is Rhysand from ACOTAR fanfic and I have read a couple good ones, but it is so hard to find them. it is hard to find a fanfic that isn’t ‘oh it is harry styles! and oh, a nerdy girl’ oh! That’s so cute!

blegh. I am a teen and I have never liked One Direction.


Well, I haven’t checked any as I try to read only the undiscovered books :slight_smile: I still see a lot of people write Bad Boys :smiley: But yeah, those I read were most of the time somehow boring :sweat_smile:

It’s hard to show original FF when people think this way, but I’ll just keep trying :wink:


I am creepy. I check out all the books to see how they are better than mine :joy:

Have you tried writing original/ normal fiction though?


I wrote a bad boy story to lift off of the clichés. It actually gets you reads - and gets you added to smut lists


I wrote them in my mother language and quite a few of them. I wish to rewrite some in English and expand them into better books :slight_smile: Many of them were short stories, so this could be relatively easy :smiley: Note “relatively”… not in my case :rofl: Many started as a one-shot… ended up as long stories :rofl:


Haha. Good luck!


Because Wattpad probably wants to acknowledge them. The Featured list has never mentioned it’s about recognising smaller authors. (Except for the time they made a list named “Undiscovered Gems”) It does often, but I don’t think that has ever been their goal. I think it’s about the stories they like, popular or not.


your comment made me wonder about something. it makes total sense that WP right now is pulling their weight only supporting the Stars because they certainly bring in an audience and money, but these folks might not stay with WP forever. in doing this they might be letting go of the opportunity to find the next wave of Stars. i wonder how they’re addressing that? i’d think dedicating some effort on the featured lists choices would be a way


(I know you didn’t ask me, but Imma reply anyways :joy:)

I think they’re addressing it through reverting the Feature Programme back to applications. This way they can find people who’re serious about their books.

And the prize for winning a Watty this year was a chance to talk to Wattpad Studios. (The people in charge of publishing deals and film deals and all that jazz)

So I definitely think they’re doing something to actively scope out people who could be potential Stars in the future :slight_smile:


(hi there! all replies welcome :relaxed:)

oh, what’s the Feature Programme? i hadn’t heard about it before


(Phew! :sweat_smile:)

It’s basically the programme behind the Featured list. When I signed up (March 2017) it was per application - so you sent in an application and they’d consider putting your book on it.

Then they changed it to you putting #Featured on your book (in the tag section) if you wanted to be considered (Note: you could get featured without the tag too)

Now they’re reverting back to applications, but also expanding it. There’s more info here: Incoming Changes to Featuring


oh wow, i didn’t know about this! thank you for sharing. i’m glad i dared to make a post, lol (forum newbie here)


Glad I could help out :smile: and welcome to the clubs!


thank you! you’re so kind :relaxed:


Absolutely no bother :blush:


I made the 2019 Wattys Short List, but tried before that to be featured. Haven’t made it since either. I’m still trying. :frowning: