Feedback 4 U ( OPEN)

I have some free time so I’m offering some feedback for your book.

I’ve done quite a few reviews before. Usually, I like to do inline comments and another overall review of the chapter at the end. However, if this does not tickle your fancy, please comment if you want your review sent to your dm. I like to focus on plots, characters, overall readability, etc. If I notice a continual grammar error I might point it out.

I’ll only take a few people at a time as I don’t want you all to wait too long for your reviews.

I’ll review up to two chapters. However, if you want to come back after I’ve finished my list and have me read more afterwards, that’s totally fine! :slight_smile:

Payment: Write a 2+ line on my prologue and/or chapter 1 from my book 'From Embers". Doesn’t have to be a review or critique. Feel free to write whatever. This is mostly just so I know who’s done the payment or not. (And if you enjoy my book, feel free to continue reading it :wink: )

I’ll review pretty much anything, mature is allowed. I am not very well versed in Fan Fiction, however, if you want me to review it I will. (LGBTQ+ books are very welcome here!)
No poetry, please. Solely because I’m not well versed and wouldn’t be able to give you my best review on it.

I’ll review your work to the level of harshness that you decide, from a level of 1-10.

1 - I’ll be your best friend. All my words (with a few very kind suggestions on how you can improve) will be sunshine and rainbows.

5 - Middle ground. I’ll mention both good and bad. I’ll pick out stuff about sentence structures if it really sticks out to me, but I won’t nitpick on the little details.

10 - I won’t sugar coat anything. If I don’t like it, or wouldn’t continue reading on, I’ll tell you why. (Please don’t hate me if you pick this level; I love everyone.)

I will keep the right to refuse someone’s submission - but to be honest, I can’t think of any that I’d turn down.

Just follow the form below and let’s get reading!


Wattpad username:
Number of chapters to review:
Payment complete?:
Comment in the chapter or PM?:
Degree of harshness:

1 - OPEN
2 - OPEN
3 - OPEN
4 - OPEN

Wattpad username: Kk Nortan
Title: Into the dark
Short Blurb: Living in the cut-throat world of a new high school, innocent Jin dives head first into extra stress.

Jin finds something strange about the Kim boys in the school and decides to research the leader Kim Namjoon. What he finds is worse than he could’ve ever expected. Along with that information, he is also now living alone trying to balance a career and the bills as a seventeen-year-old.
Number of chapters to review: 2
Payment complete?: not yet but I will
Focus?: wdym?
Comment in the chapter or PM?: do whatever
Degree of harshness: 10 (or y’know whatever you want)

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By focus I just mean, is there anything specific you want me to focus on while reading. Such as; are your characters believable, does the writing flow well - stuff like that.

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no I don’t have a main focus also thank you!

I’ll like your first comment when I’m finished with my review :wink:

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User Name - @Tiphette99

Title: UNTIL


Blurb: THE ‘BAD BOY’ AND THE ‘MYSTERY GIRL’ || The estranged son of a missing New York City billionaire, Tony lives a life of secrets, trapped in a nightmare of inner demons and real-life drama right off the front pages. Into this steps Amber, new girl in town, who never dreamed that meeting a boy could change her whole life in an instant. But everything she knew and believed about herself is different now as she struggles to help Tony and to win the heart of the boy she is destined to live for.

Chapters to review: 5

Payment complete: I’ll let you know. I’ll start reading tonight.

Degree of harshness: 10

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Accepted! I only do two chapters at a time, but feel free to come back afterward and request the rest of those chapters if you find my feedback useful :slight_smile: I’ll like your comment once I’m done with your review

Wattpad username: silver_lining86
Title: Blissful Ignorance
Short Blurb: link instead?

Number of chapters to review: 2
Payment complete?: doing it now!
Comment in the chapter or PM?: comment in the chapter!
Degree of harshness: 5

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Accepted! I’ll like your comment when I’m finished my review :smile: you’re second in line.

Finished payment too :slight_smile: nice story u got going there!

Payment complete for 2 chapters. Very well-written story about an intriguing world and characters!

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Thank you so much - means a lot! I’ll start on your review now :slight_smile:

Please, give me some feedback! ^^ I’ve been uploading on Inkitt, but I happened to drop by here. I like to say that my book is mystery/drama.

Hey! I’m only doing reviews on books from Wattpad right now, sorry. If it’s posted onto Wattpad just fill out the form above and I’ll add you to the queue :slight_smile:

Wattpad Username: JOYOUS427
Title: “You Saved My Life”
Number of Chapters to review: 2
Payment complete?: no
Comment in the chapter or PM?: In chapter
Degree of harshness: 10

Accepted! I’ll like your comment when I’ve finished my review :smile: I’ll get started once payment is complete

I’m not sure what you mean by… payment??

The payment I had asked for in my post was to write a 2+ line on my prologue and/or chapter 1 from my book 'From Embers". Doesn’t have to be a review or critique - feel free to write whatever.

Ahh~ Okay