feedback and read for read 1.2 [CLOSED]

hi there! so lots of authors write stories and take the time and effort to write them, but they never get noticed, or as much feedback/comments from the readers as they hoped (which honestly sucks–I mean we pour our souls into our books). so if you’re looking from an honest reader who loves to leave millions of comments/reactions, you’re in the right place!

first and foremost: this service is not free. payment would be to check out my story and leave your feedback in return, on my story, 12:01.

that being said, I will read up to 6 chapters (if your book is good and I love it, ill add it to my reading list and continue).

note: I will be accepting people! ill start when payment is complete.



@DanielNgo5 / complete or incomplete / 3 # / 1 2 3 4 5 6
@colourthestars / complete or incomplete / 6 # / 1 2 3 4 5
@chloboshoka / complete or incomplete / 7 # / 1 2 3 4 5 6
@kyrrai / complete or incomplete / 13 # / 1 2 3 4 5 6
@kkjhunter8 / complete or incomplete / 14 # / 1
@MclaineMoran / complete or incomplete / 19 # / 1 2 3 4 5 6
@hallonn23 / complete or incomplete / 20 # / 1 2 3 4 5
@houseofmirrors / complete or incomplete / 25 # / 1 2 3
@ValerieMKiss / complete or incomplete / 32 # / 1 2 3 4 5 6
@CelticWhovian / complete or incomplete / 33 # / 1 2 3 4 5 6

Hiya! I really loved the cover of your story. I would love your feedback on my story!

Title: Camaraderie Lunaire
Summary: Mia gets caught in a mess she thinks she has nothing to do with but realizes that there is no one else more deserving to be in this mess than her. Her father’s kidnapped, her mother is dead. Sid is well…Sid and what’s more is that she just turned 18 (I know cliche).
Genre: Fantasy-ish
It’d be lovely if you could give it a shot :blush: Thanks in advance

Edits: I almost forgot to add- I’ve recently started to post so there’s only 5 chapters and they aren’t that long so…yeah that’s it. I’ll leave now :sweat_smile:


Hi, I think you might like this :slight_smile:

Title, link: The Last Woman on Earth
Description: Long ago, there was a type of human existed in this world, and they were called ‘women’. Our generation will never know what happened. None of the remaining public documents mention why ‘women’ have gone extinct, and it seems the people of later generations have done so deliberately. And I found a so-called last of their kind.

(For context: the story is set in 1990s Russia)
Genre: Scifi, Dystopia, War novel

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we can do 5 chapters! accepted! ill start once your five chapters is finished. thanks for requesting!

sounds interesting! sci-fi is always a great genre. accepted! ill start once your seven chapters is finished. thanks for requesting!

title: Rich Kids and Zombies
summary: When America is suddenly hit by a mysterious virus that turns all the infected into mindless, flesh-eating zombies, no one is more surprised than eight of the richest, snobbiest, and most incapable kids you’ll ever meet.
genre: Action

Could you read 5 chapters? Thanks!


title: Game of Mass Destruction
summary: Since bitterly divorcing her husband thirty years ago, former pop-star, Sia Bucks creates the worldwide sensation - Game of Mass Destruction, where twenty nominated contestants are pitted into pairs and set the task of destroying a thousand flesh-eating robots for a chance to win two billion dollars. Her morals are put to the ultimate test when her former bandmate and granddaughter are in the upcoming series.

For fans of Battle Royale and Hunger Games.
Warning: There will be strong violence, sexual scenes and gore - especially in later instalments.
genre: Dystopian Sci-fi

I will get onto payment straight away!


@colourthestars @chloboshoka accepted! ill start once payment is complete. please know that how you give feedback/comment will reflect on how i review your story. thanks so much for requesting! they all seem really interesting, can’t wait to start!

Thanks for accepting! Will leave a comment here when I’m done. Thanks again :blush:

Completed the payment!

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Hiya! Payment complete! Really really enjoyed your work. Can’t wait for updates.

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Thank you so much! :heart:

hi are you still taking people? if so i’d love for you to check out my work! it’s a surrealistic story that’s written almost as moments not actual parts. hopefully it interests you!

Title: Jericho
Summary: A writer sits in her apartment for days on end, searching for inspiration. She has a cabinet just for that, her own little cabinet of inspirations. One day she encounters a strange man she names Jericho, who changes her life forever. Follow this journey into the surreal.

Also my parts are pretty short, usually under 600 words, just a warning.

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Title: The Pineapple Fountain



The story of a college graduate who decides that there is more to life than just living after an accident almost kills her. Mia decides to take risks and drop everything, including her family, her friends, and her boyfriend to pursue the life full of excitement she has been craving. Mia’s adventures take her on a trip full of self-love and growth. But is this fantasized life worth the sacrifices she has made? After months of meeting new people and experiencing all life has to offer, Mia must choose between the life she has always wanted and the life she has always had.

Genre: New Adult (romance/adventure)

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@kyrrai @kkjhunter8 accepted! ill start once payment is complete.

how many chapters should i read? 7?

yes :slight_smile:


title: Simple Days
summary:Emily Demott was born before The Great End, the war that made the world stand still. Her parents nearly escaped the consequences of the doomsday bombs, hiding away in remote areas of the inner east coast. As the world works to rebuild from the rubble, strange communities have begun to form. Rumors spread of Safe Haven, a location for children to find refuge, but is there something more sinister going on? After Emily’s brother goes missing, she works to do everything in her power to get him back, even if that means venturing into the great unknown and leaving the rest of her family behind.
genre: Science Fiction

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title: Southern Saturday Nights
summary: Allyson Reed lives in the southern Bible belt where you always drink your tea a little too sweet, go to church every Sunday, and live for football season. Her parents have an image to uphold in their small town where everyone knows everyone. To their neighbors and friends, Allyson is the southern beauty queen who excels in school and volunteers with the church, but hidden behind closed doors she keeps her family’s flaws a secret.

When Allyson is accepted to the college of her dreams, one random encounter with the mysterious Daxson Winters challenges everything she’s ever been told. He’s everything she isn’t suppose to want, but can’t stay away from.

As the university’s leading wide receiver, Daxson is used to his name and face showing up on every television across the country, but there’s something he keeps hidden from the cameras-a deep rooted anger that lives inside his heart.

When Daxson’s therapist assigns him a new goal, he wants to complete it and move on like he has every time before. Everything changes when he meets Allyson. He’s drawn to her sweet smile and big heart, but he also sees the pain inside her eyes. Daxson wants nothing more than to help her, and suddenly, the goal he made in therapy turns into something much more.
genre: Romance

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