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hey there! your payment is not completed because you have not commented on the revised chapters of 12:01. I specifically stated above and when I accepted to comment on my revised chapters.


I commented on that chapter & read 3 chapters you can re pay that? no?


They’re not the revised chapters—it’s shown in the first post :blush:


Title- Ex- Future Queen of Salovia

Genre- Teen Fiction/ Young Adult


Hope it suit your genre of reading!


Complete :slight_smile: I love your story! Can’t wait to read more!


Is mine accepted or rejected


That would be fine. Thank u sm.


accepted! ill leave my comments + feedback once you have completed the payment. please don’t forget, it’s the revised chapters!


thanks so much! ill make sure to get started. <3


denied; possibly due to the reason because I’m not very good at reviewing memoirs! sorry!


It reads the same as fiction


I can try and review the first chapter but I wouldn’t know how–a memoir is just a story of your life, right? How would I be able to review that? I can’t exactly say that your life needs work (like other creative stories) if you get what I mean? Yes, it reads as fiction but I can’t exactly review it if you know what I mean.


It’s true; you can’t edit the plot, but there is a lot more that goes into writing. Grammar, stylistic choices, imagery, etc


That’s also a good point. Like I said, I can try to review the first chapter (for free). If I can’t seem to do it/move on to the next chapter though, I hope you can understand :slight_smile:


I’ll understand :slight_smile:


Thanks then! I’ll get to your book today.


Do you still have open spots? If so Id like to ag my book.

title: The Great Pretender
link: 1

Summary:Cherish moves to Toronto to escape the painful reality of Len’s death, intent on scraping through the school year without any friends or any more pain. If only they would let her. Between her sister, her friends and the strange elfin boy that cares too much, and his infuriating tattooed friend, Cherish is forced to deal with, not only Len’s passing, but another crushingly painful betrayal. Cherish embarks on a journey of self-reliance and deals with the pain of an old betrayal of trust, the loss of her best friend, and learns how to support herself and trust others with her fragile emotions.

Genre: teen fiction


I finished all 7 chapters! Your story is great, I can’t wait for more!


Title: Ivory Black
Genre : Teen Fiction
Summary: Kai Haywood never thought anything of being adopted by a white family. What was the problem ? She had a stable home with two siblings and parents that loved her but that wasn’t the way Aaliyah Jackson saw it, in fact everything changed when Kai met Aaliyah. Kai soon realized she had no clue who she really was.
Link to story: