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Hi. I am offering my services. I am by no definition a professional, just a person looking for feedback. It’s really simple. Just fill out this form below.
Story title
Any information I should know e.g Mature
How many pages you want feedback for (You must do the same amount for my book)
Here’s the link to mine
LIFE-Jealousy(MariaFilocomo) In Progress 1/7
A Cool Breeze-(juilidb) 0/6

You’re actually in the wrong section. This needs to be in ‘story services’.

Couldn’t add it there

You should be able to do it here:

It would not let me add the tag

What tag do you mean?

On the top right, you can click on “+ new topic”.

And if you click around there for a bit and click on “select at least one item”, you can add “feedback - offered”.


Hello !:smile:

It seems your thread is more suited for the #story-services:critiques-and-feedback Club. I’ve gone ahead and moved it there for you :smile:

Thank you for understanding!

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Added to queue

Username: Juilidb
Title: A Cool Breeze
Pages: 6 (skip the synopsis)
Do you want me to complete payment before or after you read my book?

Whatever’s fine for you

I will get to the payment as soon as possible.

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