Feedback from a Goose Vol.2! (Completely Free) (Unless you feel generous)

Hello Ladies and Jellybeans of Wattpad, my name is Goose and I am offering a type of critique service!

There are two ways you may receive a critique from me:

  1. An actual critique - I will read THREE chapters of your book and leave comments on each chapter of what I liked, didn’t like, what can be improved as well as any grammatical errors I happen to spot along the way.
  2. The comment spam - You know what this is. Less of an intense review and more of a general spam of inline comments with odd little comments and sometimes grammatical or improvement numbers. This is also for THREE chapters!

As it says in the title, this is COMPLETELY FREE! However, if you want to return the favour, you are more than willing to do so!


If I like your book, you may get added to my list of ‘Victims’ but I’ll say no more about that…

Just comment below with these details:

Critique Type:

Volume 1 Queue COMPLETED

@IvetteMartinez01 - Beyond the Deep Water - Comment Spam - Completed

@JJcuddles - Before the End - Actual Critique - Completed

@AprilCox7 - Soul Eater - Comment Spam - Completed

@icanbeinterestingtoo - Christopher Ford and the Fountain of Envy - Actual Critique - Completed

@LauraTLeeAuthor - Triplicity - Actual Critique - Completed

@PensAreCool1 - Identical Opposites - Comment Spam - Completed

@amethystt_19 - The Secret Agent - Actual Critique - Completed

@prettyglows - Suburban Heroes - Actual Critique - Completed

@SusuArjo - Scarlet Skies - Actual Critique - Completed

@BronxCrusader - Children of the Archangels - Comment Spam - Completed

@SheWhoLovesPineapple - What Heroes Don’t Think About - Actual Critique - Completed

@mandapanda96 - Sunflower - Comment Spam - Completed

@eliyeda - Jumacao’s Last Descendant - Actual Critique - Completed

@nerd_at_home - M For Maria - Actual Critique - Completed

@Perfect-music008 - A Siren’s Song - Comment Spam - Completed

@Mishkady - Corvus: WICA - Comment Spam - Completed

@DavidTLee - Cole, 2653 - Actual Critique - Completed

@LizardQueenDean - When Lightning Strikes, Thunder Follows - Actual Critique -Completed

@wilde_bea - The Power of Witches - Actual Critique- Completed

@ltgriffin - Him - Comment Spam - Completed

@AmazingGraceless - Atomic! - Actual Critique - Completed

@UnKn0wN_Merchant - Humans and Monsters: Pride and Wing - Actual Critique - Completed

@cringeworthypoet - Devilish Instincts - Comment Spam - Completed

Volume 2 Queue

@phattimaddi - King of Hearts - Actual Critique - Completed

@murmurare - The Most Beautiful Man in the World - Actual Critique - Completed

@ShinomiyaDR - Key of Liberation - Comment Spam - Completed

@DazzieSh - Run Away with Me - Comment Spam - Completed

@Ashiyubi - Barefoot Summer - Comment Spam - Completed

@LucindaRenfield - Wife of My Soul - Actual Critique - Completed

@EscanorSun - A Legend to be Told - Comment Spam - Completed

@houseofmirrors - Siren - Actual Critique - Completed

@Im_red_guy - The Retribution - Comment Spam - Completed

@AhmedJama9 - The Imprecation of the Temples - Actual Critique - Completed

@MoltenHeat - Crimson Reprisal - Actual Critique - Not Completed

@mysterygirlwriting1 - Head To Head - Comment Spam - Not Completed

@Evenstar606 - Shire Bottom Chronicles - Comment Spam - Not Completed

@KEdwardStewart - Gangster Apostle - Actual Critique - Not Completed

@xosunlightxo - Cloudy Exposition - Comment Spam - Not Completed

@CoLLoRBLiND - Awoken - Actual Critique - Not Completed

@mysteas - The Blood Witch - Comment Spam - Not Completed

@DeviantWriter19 - Dead Girls’ Tell No Lies - Comment Spam - Not Completed

@Dear_Rhian - A Pocket full of Posies - Actual Critique - Not Completed

@PhilOlson - Flash Fiction Collection - Comment Spam - Not Completed

@seaofgreen - Slate - Actual Critique - Not Completed

@SamAxelAcer Vega of the Sky - Comment Spam - Not Completed

@ModernWaterRider - Artistica - Comment Spam - Not Completed

@ConwayLovett1 - Catchers and Ballads in the Burning Rye - Comment Spam - Not Completed


Reviews of the reviewer!

Feel free to add you own reviews to this post! I’d love to see what you all make of my style :slight_smile:

@SammyWilkonsin - it was great, I got the comment spam, and I just like to hear what ppl think

@WondaGal - It was amazing! I loved reading your reactions in the comments as you read Blood of Darkness! Hope you liked Blood of Darkness enough to stick around and drop some more comments!

@RayLorca - It was good! Particularly your feedback about how my details on ronnie were overloading the chapter. I think it definitely flows better now thanks to you!

@Yenaros - I love your spamming, haha. It is interesting to see what people think of what I have to say and write, and I am truly grateful and happy that you enjoyed. We are truly blessed to have someone like you in our community :smiley: . Thank you!

@bwttersweet - I was really flattered! You were really sweet and encouraging and inspired me to write more, so thank you.

@Caroline_Wissa - Thank you so much! I really appreciate it and it really motivated me to write more! Thank you :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::purple_heart:

@kukamukies - Very helpful as it seems there’s a trend in my paragraphs being excessively long :sweat_smile: Also thank you for the compliments, I’m always a bit unsure if I’m getting things across as I tend to go off on descriptive tangents.

@draphy - Thank you so much for your lovely comments! It really lifted my spirits up :slight_smile:!!!

@milee_s - I really appreciated it! I think you hit the right balance of positive-to-pointing out flaws. You did a great job :smiley:

@amelierhys - The feedback was great! I really appreciated your comments and catching some of the mistakes I missed! Thank you again!

@A_Darken_soul - I found your comment spam quite useful! Thank you again for taking your time to read our story!

The way you reacted to many scenes gave great intake on how people see our story from the outside. That along with you pointing out any small mistakes you saw was a wonderful combination.

Even though it’s small, You are doing amazing work! Keep it up!<3

@skyvonwall - I liked it very much because it was very helpful! It feels good to know how to improve to become better. :blush:

@Siennafrost - Thank you so much for your hard work! Your encouragement has helped me finish the new chapter and update after 3 weeks of not feeling it. Can’t thank you enough.

@IWJKeller - Thank you for the feedback! It’s quite useful.

@Sergio_the_Saint - The only opinion I have about your critiquing style is that you’re too sweet. But I’ll take that :smiley:

@eliyeda - Your critique style knows how to lift up the spirit of a doubting writer. Thank you very much!

@LizardQueenDean - Very thoughtful and clear critiques. I found it very insightful. Thank you!

@DavidTLeeThanks for the praise and thanks for the criticism. You deliver plenty of both.


waves ohh you are doing this again


Title: King of Hearts
Genre: Action/Romance - The story is rated Mature for strong language and some crude humor. Just wanted to point that out!
Synopsis: Fast women and slow horses will ruin your life. A fact Gabriel ‘Gabe’ Allgood, a notorious philanderer with a gambling problem, knows all too well.

Indebted to the Italian mob for funding his upstart boxing gym in Chicago, Gabe skirts his payment responsibilities under the guise of dating Bianca—the mob bosses’ daughter.

But when he finds himself single and in sore need of quick cash, Gabe takes a bet with his friends; he’s going to prove he can woo an old flame back into his bed. But Harper Hadley isn’t just any old flame, she may just burn his life to the ground.
Cover: image
Critique Type: Whichever you’re feeling. I don’t have a preference!

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Thanks a bunch for helping out!

Title: The Most Beautiful Man in the World
Genre: teen fic/ romance
Link: here
Critique Type: actual critique


Yup! Had too many left over to not carry it on.

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I guess you enjoy doing these reviews then! :grin:


Title: Key of Liberation
Genre: Fantasy
Critique Type: 2

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@phattimaddi @murmurare Accepted :smiley: You have been added to the Actual Critique reading list and I shall get to it when I can!

@ShinomiyaDR Accepted :smiley: You have been added to the Comment Spam reading list and I shall get to it when I can!


Title: run away with me
Genre: adventure
Critique type: comment spam

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Accepted :smiley: You have been added to the Comment Spam reading list and I shall get to it when I can!

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Thank you!

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Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Title: Barefoot Summer
Genre: dumb, comedy (?), dramadey (?), slice of life (?), really dumb
Critique Type: comment spam

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Accepted :smiley: You have been added to the Comment Spam reading list and I shall get to it when I can!

Title: Wife of My Soul
Genre: Fantasy/Humor/Romance
Critique Type: actual critique

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Accepted :smiley: You have been added to the Actual Critique reading list and I shall get to it when I can!

Title: A legend to be told
Genre: Fantasy
Critique Type: Comment spam.

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Accepted :smiley: You have been added to the Comment Spam reading list and I shall get to it when I can!

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