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[ Helping undiscovered writers. Feedback offered. ]

Post: Hi there ,
So I know it could be really burden some to get reads on wattpad bec I’m going through the same phase.:):pleading_face:
Therefore let’s help each other to get discovered. I’ll read your story and try my best to give you a helpful feedback ( don’t worry I’ll be on the positive side):):grin:
Specify the following in your post
Cover page

I do not take mature content anymore. No poetry.

Kpop fanfic, fantasy , mystery, thriller and all other genres are accepted.

Payment : in return I want you to read my story
Comment and return me a feedback aswell.
If you like the story then you can follow aswell ,that’s up to you :slight_smile::):wink:

I may take time to reply but I will surely reply.:wink:
And remember to comment on my book only then I’ll know whom to return back the favour.

Hey there~ I’m down to do this deal. But I’d like to go through with it only if it’s okay that both you and I be honest about each other’s stories. If there’s any negatives, I’d like you to point them out to me, and I will with you. Is that cool?

I agree with @lazilazuli. My story is a dystopian sci-fi, ongoing and has fairly short chapters. Stop whenever you want to, but feel free to keep reading if you enjoy the story. Some of my chapters are done as poetry though. I hope that’s okay. I write from a lot of different perspectives and I really want to know if that makes it too confusing or if any of the perspectives don’t make sense.
^Cover image (I know it’s awful, I’m working on getting it redone)

Okay done …

Cool beans~
Genres: Romance, Drama, Slice of Life, (fan)Fiction

Finding a new part-time job was photography major, Kim Taehyung’s, one and only goal. But instead of getting to know his new co-workers during his first week, he managed to get himself slapped, ridiculed, and become an enemy to all his female co-workers, especially the most intimidating, Ahn Bumi.

Between her and Park Chanyeol, he doesn’t know who to fear the most. But over some time, that worry seems to fade away. Bumi doesn’t seem so scary anymore. In fact, she makes a pretty decent friend. But…maybe if he hadn’t become her friend, he wouldn’t have to keep walking into work on edge. If she had kept her hands to herself, there would still be only him and his imagination. If they had just kept a certain distance between them, they wouldn’t have to be tortured by the highs and lows of infatuation…

And to think this all started over a stolen camera.

  • A shot of DECEIT
    “You’re overthinking it. It’s just a coincidence.”

  • 2/3 of ENVY.
    “It’s not my business, and it’s not my place…but I can’t get my heart to listen to me.”

  • A whip of FLUTTERS cream.
    “Tell me how am I supposed to stop myself from falling for you any harder than this?”

  • And just a sprinkle of HEARTACHE on top.
    “You seem brighter these days, but it doesn’t feel like it’s because of me.”

Feedback given …
Now it’s your payback time

Genre: BTS fanfiction… Sorry in advance.


Blurb: Y/n is going to be queen. There are only a few things in her way, a few major things.

Y/n is a simple girl, always has been. Namjoon, the crown prince, has picked her to be his wife. After she is picked strange events start occurring around her, and someone has dropped dead. The people of Vaydia think her unworthy to the crown. She, with the help of Namjoon, need to prove that she is the simple, normal girl he fell in love with.

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I’ll check it out soon :smile:

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thank you!

Hello there! Another BTS fanfic here, I hope you don’t kill me because of it :smile:
I know I put my story as mature content, but there isn’t any of that in the story just yet, so I hope you consider checking it out.

Genre Fanfiction/Romance

Cover page CnqJO3bUkAIBqMs%20(1)


You thought that these next nine months were going to be simple volunteering, nothing more, nothing less. Especially because you were one of the best surgeons out there, thanks to your “special help”, so to say.

God, you were so wrong about that one.

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Would you be willing to read a au fanfic that’s not kpop related.

Send me …I’ll give a look

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