Feedback on Improving Recommendations



Hi! The content discovery squad is looking to do some user interviews about a new feature we’re exploring. We’d be showing you some designs about the recommendations you see in your home feed and gathering feedback about these designs.

We are looking for folks who are available for a Google Hangouts video interview this Wednesday - Friday 10 am - 5 pm EST.

If you’re interested, please sign up here!

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@Nablai @GerrySaunders @Chewton


with “this week” you mean Monday to Sunday?


Sorry, we are hoping for Monday - Friday! Specifically this Wednesday, Thursday, Friday!


ok. Maybe change the text above then to make sure that nobody thinks it is from Monday-Sunday


I only access Wattpad via a web browser with an ad blocker. I do not own a cell phone or tablet. I’m not sure my opinion will be useful to your recommendations as an older user. I’m more for simplistic appearances than most younger users. I also ignore your landing page and move direct to mail, works or library.


Count me in :slight_smile:

@matzeztam Thanks a lot for the tag, Mat =]

Update: Done =]


if you think you’re different from the norm, you’re definitely the type of person we would always want to hear from.

If we only hear from one specific group, we’ll only ever know how to make the app for them, as opposed to an app for everyone


Done, thanks!


Great. Thanks


Agree with you, Nick :slight_smile:

@GerrySaunders I think that you should go for it, Gerry :slight_smile: Please give it a chance.


Is Google Hangout a video thing or is it text?


I believe it’s both but they use the video chat option when they do things like this.


Dang. Too bad.


This looks great! Definitely signing up :blush:


New features? Please fix the current ones! :slight_smile: Like tags and rankings.


I second this!


Dangit :sob: I don’t have video chat available, but I would always love to fill out a survey or give text answers!!!


It honestly feels like money > than user feedback when we still don’t have an eta on the algorithm fix which has been broken for a few months now.


I think the bigger issue for me is the amount of speculation that goes on around the issue due to lack of information on an issue that is becoming chronic. Although I don’t want to hijack this thread for that. I think it’s good they are trying to work on the recommendation page and finding a way to make it more usable. It needs an overhaul too :joy: