Feedback on Improving Recommendations



I’m hoping this new feature is the reason for the glitches. Hopefully there’s a fix soon and this is part of the solution.


Yes it’s a video thing! So usually we ask that you do it on a computer that has a webcam enabled.


We are also working on tags and ranking fixes simultaneously! We hope to have some fixes out this week!

Decline in Reads
Wattpad Ranks/Tags/Genres - Will the issues ever get fully addressed?
Wattpad Ranks/Tags/Genres - Will the issues ever get fully addressed?
Wattpad Ranks/Tags/Genres - Will the issues ever get fully addressed?
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Am curious, but I’m assuming that the emails for a time slot is so that you can find when works best for people?


Any chance of you guys doing a text version any time in the future?


What time would the interviews be?


I’d love it if they could do that too. I don’t feel comfortable doing video chats (plus I work during the hours they have available) but I would love to be able to give my feedback.


Same! :sob:


There really should be a text option.
I can’t do video chats since I’m hard of hearing.


I’m thirding the chat option. My spoken English is less than stellar.

  • I don’t like using the app, because the ad placement make it a clumsy design. The stories become second rate to the ads.
  • App seldom cycles a fresh batch of stories, so I kept seeing the same ones over and over and over even after I clear cache. I know it’s not my device because the desktop browser shows the same results.
  • The web is better, but I’d like to have the option to see what I want to see on the front page as I’ve mentioned in this thread.

I have a list of things, but these are my key feedback elements so far.

Hope your qualitative feedback offers valuable insight. I’m rooting for your improvements Wattpad :+1:


I’m the same.


Thank you all for your help in signing up! We have currently booked all our interview times based on all your awesome help! If we have cancellations and need more people, I will pop in here again. Thanks!!


Thank you! Looking forward to speaking with you tomorrow. :blush:


Also, adblocker makes for a more pleasant reading experience on the computer.


@zoedinovi Forgive me, but this isn’t related to recommendations and i’m not sure if others are affected but my notifications and my actual time in my region is out of sync. Right now it shows a time currently ahead of mine so i’m basically getting notifications from the future lol. Can this also be looked into?


I could on Friday. Let me know.


Did you get the link by now?


I did!