Feedback on Improving Recommendations



I can’t do anything on the site now. I haven’t been able to open any stories when i click on them or an I able to change chapters that are updated that I have bookmarked. Please fix this.


I missed my link due to the time difference :disappointed: When I clicked on it, I got an error message. Asked Zoe and she confirmed that the slot was full :disappointed:


Oh. Thats sad. It was really interesting what she had to show


There’s always a next time… :slight_smile:


True. I can’t wait for the next kind of this


Hey, i think you should be able to block people and report others that could be harassing you.


Also I would like to be able to take down chats and things like that (on here)


Also why is there a limit with reporting comments?


You can do that :slight_smile: On the person’s profile, click the three dots and select “Mute” or “Report”. That should do the trick :wink:


oh, thank you!! but what if their profile is “private”? I’massuming go onto wattpad itself and do that?


I’m going to say whatever was done to tone down the white is good. Imma liking the changes now that I can see right. :grin:

I had to edit some technical errors, so I probably wasn’t seeing that well. :flushed:

Stil, changes are good. :+1:


I never heard of “Private” profile. I know chapters could be done private (only for followers), but that’s no longer possible. I so far could access any profile, so I have zero experience with this.

If you found such a profile, you may need to contact WP :slight_smile:




Thank you


Did the possible solutions not fix the problem? Because tag rankings are still glitching. I know HQ is probably just as frustrated as us writers are, but the rankings do not correspond to where the stories are in discovery. Sometimes they are not even showing up still unfortunately.

Hopefully a solution will become clear soon, but WP may want to rethink it’s algorithm since these glitches are now in their 4th or 5th month of not working.


I still think ranks should be replaced with combination tag filtering on categories and have a different arena for ranks. Like a What’s being read the most right now in #romance? or What’s being talked about the most today in #Bad Boy? Or What’s liked the most right now in fanfiction? Or Have you checked out this story (low votes)? See what you think about this story (low comment value)? This story could use a bit of love (low reads). That sort of thing.

Categories homepage (e.g Fantasy) would cycle through tag combo filtering (tag 1+tag 2+tag3) to rotate a list of stories to ensure greater chances to be on the category main page.

Also, I think the community group profiles could promote their reading lists more. Books go on lists but I seldom see them being promoted in notifications.

Just my 2 cents.


If there were a way to separate the long-term highest ranks of all time vs the most popular books today or this week would be cool. -daydreams-


I would just really appreciate it if the search system could be updated. I find it really hard to find stories that I want to read, especially via the app. There’s no way for me to filter out YA novels (so even if I click mature, it includes mature novels, but doesn’t exclude the YA stuff). If I’m on the app, even if I include mature I don’t know if the story is mature unless I go into each one individually. I can’t filter based on recently updated, or views. I also can’t exclude certain tags, so if I want to read something without #badboy (for example), there’s no way for me to avoid certain tags / genres / triggering content. I’m finding that I prefer Archive Of Our Own’s search feature, as I can be far more accurate with it. I find with Wattpad I spend more time trying to find what I want, then actually being able to read what I want.
TL;DR: I can’t find what I want to read on Wattpad easily, and searches often still bring up what I don’t want to read.




Unfortunately that issue is one of the reasons there are so many undiscovered stories on this site. I know my story has dropped off the radar on a number of tags. One of my stories is definitely not searchable (i.e, coming up in search results despite having a series of tags).

I’m probably not the only one facing this silent wall issue.

I’ve given up relying on WP’s discovery system and keep my fingers crossed that my promoted tweets draw in the interest that way.