Feedback on your work (closed)

Hey people. So I’m going to be offering 2 different types of feedback on 3 chapters of your work. I’m just like everyone else here on wattpad, I’m just trying to constantly get feedback on my work, because sometimes you can’t see yourself what might not be so great about your story. I have no special qualifications or anything, but I like to think I’m pretty good with grammar, punctuation, and just giving general feedback on plot and characters as a whole. I can also talk about hook. (Note, my story does not reflect how well I am able to critique things).

PACKAGE 1 : 3+ constructive comments on your first 3 chapters (this includes prologues)

PACKAGE 2 : positive comment spam on your first three chapters.

PAYMENT: (this is the same for both packages)
A comment on the first 3 chapters, it doesn’t have to be anything big, just so I know you’ve checked it out. Link is here

Btw my book kinda involves (not very graphic) violence as it’s about a school shooting, so if you know that stuff triggers you, stay away!

You must complete the payment before I leave the comments. And I may take a while, so be patient, as I do have a life.

Link to book:
Genre: (I don’t accept erotica)



Title: Empire of Jadase: New Day
Genre: Fantasy
Package: Package 1😅
Thank you!

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I just finished the payment.:sweat_smile: Your story is actually great but needs some polishing. Great job! Hehe

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Hi I am pretty interested in this.
I will read yours right after this reply, so no sweat on that
here is my story. It’s only one chapter so far but more are coming.

Title: The White Order
Genre: Fantasy
Package 1 (the most useful IMO)

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Let me know what you think. :slight_smile:

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Thank you, your comments were very helpful. I’m going to do your book now

Thank you for the comments. I will get to yours soon

Ok, please complete the payment and then I will take a look at your work

title: money hearts
genre: teen fiction
package: 1

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Ok you’ll be added to the queue once you’ve completed the payment

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done the payment! <3 it was a great read, btw :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much! It sure is a great help. Hehe

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Thanks, I’ll get to yours soon

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You’re very welcome

@General-Riolu I have read your first chapter, it was pretty good, and I am happy to continue reading the next 2 chapters when they are published as that is what you paid for

I’ll keep you notified in PM’s over on wattpad!

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@CountBias I have just done yours. I really liked it!

Hey so I was thinking I have already written those two chapters. I am currently writing chapter 6 actually. But the way I work is I wanna have a buffer of what is written before I release so the way I’m going to release new chapters is whenever I finish a chapter the next one gets published (hope that made sense).
But I guess what I’m trying to say is, if it’s more convenient for you, we can work out a way for me to share those next two chapters with you before I release them.

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Title: Dance of Despair
Link: (I am not allowed to post any links here for some reasons IDK)
Genre: Mystery.
Package: 1

Payment: Done

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I really don’t mind, whatever is easiest for you