FEEDBACK & READ FOR READ (Undiscovered stories) O P E N !



I know that every day you work towards writing a new chapter, all you hope is for people to discover your book and read it. So, if you’re looking for honest reads and feedback for your story, you’re in the right place!
I’ll read 4 chapters (inclusive of the prologue) of your book and leave 2 comments on each!
I’m open to reading all genres except erotica and paranormal!

Cover (Optional):

Payment: All you have to do is honestly read the first 3 chapters of my book and leave 1 comment on each! (The chapter in which Cast is introduced is excluded)
Link: Ostentatious
It’s a teen fiction book!

Note: I’ll start as soon as you’re done with the payment and wait until your request is accepted to complete the payment!
I hope this benefits all of us!:heart:

Thank you and have a nice day! x.

@psynoidAl; review complete, payment complete
@emtheadvocate; review completed, payment complete.
@TalesWithTana; review complete, payment complete
@Mwendez; review completed, payment complete
@Startouched; accepted, payment completed
@madisonkunzler; review complete, payment complete
@paddyptah89; accepted, waiting for payment
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Title: Phasma
Genre: fantasy, teen fiction, adventure
Cover (Optional):

hope you could give constructive criticism to my story, not just spelling and grammar errors :slight_smile:

as for your work, it was interesting, but you should tell the reader who is speaking, particularly if there are more than two people in a scene.
also, please check for capitalization :wink:

I’ll be reading on since I find it interesting, if you also like my story, I hope you can read further than 4 chapters as well, if not, please tell me honestly why not, and what you think about the story overall. I am tired of ‘it’s nice’ comments. Please be blunt.




Title: Break My Heart
Genre: Teen Fiction
Link to story:


Thank you so much for your comments on my work! Yes, I’m editing the chapters right now so all of those mistakes will be rectified:)
You’re accepted so I’ll add your book to my list!:heart:


Alright, you’re accepted and I’ve added your book to my list! I’ll start on it as soon as you complete the payment!:heart:


Title - Amethyst & The Secret of Eviona

Genre - Fantasy

Status? Updated every week, currently uploading more than once a week


I am currently reading your book, request accepted or not because I enjoy checking out new stories, you will see me commenting there either way :heart:


Title - Rehema

Genre - Fantasy

**Status? Updated every Thursday and Sunday

Story -rehema

I will soon read your book. If any others do want me to read their books for critique,I’m game too.I’d like to know how to improve thus far.

Best regards,


Search Rehema


Alright, you’re accepted and the fact that you went ahead and checked out my story before your request got accepted was really sweet!:heart: I’ll check your book out as soon as I can! x.


Alright, I finished reading four chapters and tried to be as straightforward as I could be without being rude as you asked. I hope it helps you! x.


Alright, I added your book. You can get started with mine so then I’ll check yours out!


My pleasure, I am enjoying it so far, even added to my supporting authors list. Especially the lowkey sassy roast moments between the characters, makes it so much more fun to read. Aaah, I love that stuff. :joy::heart:

I hope my novel will bring you some good laughs as well😊


Honestly, this means so much to me! Thank you!!:heart::heart:
I’m gonna get started on your book as well, doesn’t matter if you complete payment later;)


I am glad to hear that :heart::heart:
Yeah, I needed a small break (currently sick, so doing my best here haha) but I am going to read more later, honestly gonna continue reading and can’t wait to see more of your works. Speaking of that, I really appreciate the fact you’re going to read mine, its my first novel aah. :blush::heart:

p.s so glad it has more than 3 chapters xD


Same, I’m so sick, I can’t stop sneezing! Also, I completed reading the first 4 chapters! I hope the comments help!:heart:
It’s my first book as well, so I know how you feel! I’m glad you liked my work! x.


Do I post my comments here or inbox you?


Ahh, I hope you feel better soon!! Take some rest please.

Thank you, I’ll check them out later along with reading more of your book❤️


Hiya, just letting you know my Wattpad is glitching for some reason as it’s not allowing me to leave comments in books at the moment, but I will definitely try and get the payment done today whenever Wattpad stops saying oops somethings wrong and decides to let me comment again. Sorry for the delay.


I think it’s working again, phew


Would love a review of my book Heart Sound or Soul Cry ( you decide)
Title: Heart Sound / Soul Cry
Genre: Sci-fi fantasy/ action/adventure/romance/
Cover (Optional):121900210-144-k434360
Link: Heart Sound Link//// Soul Cry Link