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Alright, I’ll check out Heart sound first and if I have time, I’ll definitely check out Soul Cry as well!:heart::heart:


You guys are so sweet! Thank you and you take care as well!:blush:


It’s okay. I’m sure it happens to all of us time to time!! :joy:


Title: Our Hateful Love
Current Chapters: 5, updated daily
Genre: Romance
Username: MadisonKunzler
Summary: When feisty orphan Clarissa is sent to live with her godmother, she never expected to find a life-long enemy in Andrew. As years pass, the two can’t help but notice the chemistry between them…but they also can’t decide if that chemistry is love or a bomb waiting to go off.

My link won’t work for my story, sorry! But it’s the first story on my profile.


Title: Of Sinners & Saints.
Current: 30 chapters done. Will do read 4 read.
Username: paddycarr
Summary: Dark


Alright, I’ve added you! I’ll check your book out as soon as I can! x.


You’re added! You can get started on my book!


title: craving
current chapters: 4, updated daily/ 2 in 2 days
genre: fan fiction
username: spxcedream
summary: a book where kady is going to defy bellamy in every possible ways, which will made him crave her more and more.



i read the chapters <33


Thank you so much for all your comments! I’ll check your book out as soon as possible! x


Title: 12:01
Genre: teen fiction
Link: here


Hi there. Hoping for my story to get accepted :slight_smile:
Title: Love Scarced
Genre: Teen Romance


Hey! I’m sorry I took so long to reply! You’re added and I’ll get started with your book as soon as you complete the payment!:heart::heart:


It looks soo intriguing! You’re added, I’ll check out your book as soon as you’re done with mine!:heart::heart:



Title: That Kind of Hell called Life
Genre: Short story


Thank you so much ! I look forward to it !


Title: Ivory Black
Genre: Teen Fiction


You’re added! Start with the payment and I’ll get to your book right away!:blush:


Thanks for completing the payment! I read your book and can’t wait for more!!:blush:


Done :slight_smile: i read three of your chapters.


Title- Ex-Future Queen of Salovia
Genre- Teen Fiction/ Young Adult
Cover- Please give feedback