FEEDBACK & READ FOR READ (Undiscovered stories) O P E N !



Thank you so much for all your comments! I’ll get to yours as soon as possible! x


Alright! You’re added! Thank you so much for all your comments and I’ll check out your book as soon as possible! x


I checked it out. Thank you for starting this thread! :smile::smile:




Hello, I have a new story called BLACK ROSE and would love some feedback this my romance. If you are looking for something different n dark then Czech it out man.

also if any of you do the same for my story I will immediately check out your work to.


Title: Schrodinger’s Child
Genre: Memoir
Cover (Optional): schochild


Alright, you’re added! Get started on the payment and I’ll check out your book as soon as possible!:blush:


Sure, I’ll check it out!


If you’re willing, I’d appreciate it if you could look over my book.

Title: Velvet Garden
Genre: Vampire-Romance
Cover (Optional): bird%20cover%205
Link: thank you!


Title: Steelheart
Genre: Teen Fiction, ayeee :wink:
Cover (Optional): oof.

Can’t wait to hear back from u :blush:


You’re in! I love how you coverted your link into a thank you! so smart!! You can start with the payment so I can get started with your book!!:blush::heart:


The description and the cover are awesome! I can’t wait to read it! :heart::heart:
You can get started with mine! x


Payment completed! Thank you so much! <3


Payment complete. If you could work on some of the later chapters (23 and onward is what I’m working on now), that would be appreciated. If not, let me know, and you can start at the beginning, but I am trying to get some feedback for the later chapters of the book. 23-26 is four chapters, but if you could do up until 27 (the last one), that would be good, and I can even do an extra chapter or two of yours if you want.


Thank you! I’ll start with the payment soon


completed the payment! Your book is awesome so far


Payment complete :wink:


Alright, don’t worry! I’ll try and finish as many as I can!


I’m glad you like it! I’ll start with yours as well!


I love your book so far! It’s bloody amazing! x