I’m open to give feedback on any new stories, I only ask that I receive feedback in return after I give you your feedback. (ANY GENRE)

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My story: New Beginnings


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I’d be happy to read your story and leave some feeback if your happy to read mine and do the same :slight_smile: I cant actually open your link to your story though. I will try and search for it :slight_smile:

Book Title: In love with another wolves mate

Blurb: My newest problem however, I could never tell him. He would look at me differently and I knew it.

How could I have let this happen! I screamed internally.

How could I have fallen in love with my best friend!!

Genre: Warewolf

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Hey. This is my first time writing a story but I’ve always been into creative writing and stuff. I know my writing style probably isn’t that mature right now so I’d be extremely grateful if you could offer any feedback. Read up until the point you want. Since I just started writing, I don’t have many chapters up yet. I’d be happy to look at your story too and review it.
Your Book Title: Grey Dreams
Blurb: Consciousness is capable of travelling to other universes while dreaming. Mannya is a girl who falls into a coma and gets stuck inside a dreamscape in the Grey Universe. She has to suffer through nightmare after nightmare, each time having her memory completely wiped.

Ruslan, on the other hand, is ex-military and he passes out after a drug overdose. He, too, gets stuck in the Grey Universe. Eventually these two meet each other and get together to figure out just how they can get back to their own universe
Genre: Science Fiction
Link to your story:


Nice, I’ll read it now


I’ll read it :slight_smile:


Your Book Title: Beauty is in the Clouds

Blurb: Aernford is the sort of town that people avoid, but the Carpenters are expecting to start anew in the small seaside town. They soon learn that it is a town of secrets and that many problems are brewing within. The police are bogged down with mysterious disappearances and a gang is threatening to destroy the fragile peace.

When Joseph Carpenter turns up dead from a supposed bear attack Shirley begins to realize why people avoid the town. Many supernatural things are happening and as Shirley investigates she finds that the sea has a darker history then anyone could have imagined.

When life gets difficult, and people are dying, and you don’t know why, look to the skies for there is beauty in the clouds. And it won’t let you down.

Genre: Supernatural Thriller

Link to your story:


Hi, how many chapters would you be willing to read? And also would the feedback be given via DM, or in line comments in the book?

Title: Loving Ivy’s Colorful Mind
Genre: Teen Fiction, Romance, Mental Health
I saw her, but she never saw me.

I loved her from afar, more than I have ever, or could ever love someone. I loved her even though we have never exchanged a single word. I loved her because she saw the world differently. I was IN LOVE with her, because she WAS different. Just like me…

Ivy’s mind is a mystery, and I want to understand it, understand HER. I am in love with Ivy’s mind. I just hope one day I get to tell her, and she lets me love her the way only I could…

Ivryl “Ivy” Tesla is perfectly happy in her colorful little world which involves a stable and predictable routine, her twin and older brothers, and her two childhood best friends. They are all she ever wanted, all she could ever care for and all she could ever need. That is until Liam Price came along.




Title: A World Untold
Summary: An eighteen-year-old girl transmigrated in a different body and in a different world. She was now stuck in a royal battlefield of love and war.
Genre: Romantic-Fantasy


Genre: short story/poetry/romance
A short story on desperation of love written in a poetic form, where a young girl falls for a elder boy who changes her to be something she never wanted to be.
Based on true events.
21 poems show you the journey of 365 days in the girl’s life.



Title: Leather Feather
User: RashidPrime
Genre: Science Fiction
Intro: What happens when a young bat falls in the middle of an intergalactic war between birds and rodents? Not even Pat himself can determine such fate. Good and evil. Bucks and Beaks. Fur and Feather? Those are the symbols of a conflict that spanned our eternal universe. But only one faction will prevail…

Hello! I’m new around here :see_no_evil: Please give this story a read you won’t regret it! It is just the first chapter so far… I’d like everyone to join my little corner and read my stories, see my comics ,and also see my illustrations that I post in my chapters.
I’d truly appreciate it :smile: :smile:
Link 1:
Link 2:

Note: can’t seem to upload the cover sorry


Nice. I’ll read as far as I can and give feedback :slight_smile:


I’ll read it as soon as possible x


I’ll read it :slight_smile:


interesting, I’ll read it


it’s okay if you cant upload the cover. I’ll still read :slight_smile:


Also, I’ll read as far as I can. I’ll leave comments in the book.


appreciate it :heart:


Okay, so I’ve handed out critiques, thoughts, and feedback to you all. If you’d like extra feedback, let me know. I now ask that you guys return the favor and read at least one chapter of my story, with feedback :slight_smile: (you can read past first chapter if interested)♡


Title Death: Realm of me, or is it just longings for You
Blurb: The adventure of a rookie Necromancer and her first contracted human soul.
Genre: Fantasy