Title: Dark Skies
Genre: Romance Dark Fantasy

Power and strength-it’s what Enchanters swear by.

Kamïlla Night is a powerful Enchanter of her era. With fire running through her veins and air as an affinity, her powers are her instincts to protect her at the deadliest of moments and to save her from the kiss of death. From the earliest of years, Kamïlle has been training under the banner of her disciplinary father, fulfilling a destiny that can only belong to her. A destiny that many believe has ceased to exist, and if discovered by others, will cost Kamïlle her life.

When a blood stricken night has Kamilla encountering the deadly Alite, a brigade of the fiercest Enchanters in the realm, led by the ruthless but cunning warrior, General Jaxius, she realizes that death is only the sinister beginning.

Caught in a cold game of cat and mouse, any physical training she had falls secondary to the mental battle that Kamilla must fight and win, with pure strategy, when she meets face with the worthiest opponent.

Enemies are hellbent on hunting her down and a Kingdom threatens her very existence, Kamilla will do anything to fulfill her fate. But with unlikely allies and a conflicting attraction, the lines between opponent and ally begin blurring when she glimpses the costs of answering a deadly promise.

In a world of blood and darkness, loyalties can switch and Kamilla must choose a side.


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