I don’t believe one person gets to dictate what everyone in a religion should believe.


I’m thankful that my religion has no laws :sunglasses: so you can’t be a good or a bad based on what you practice.


Ayyyeee nice.


That’s the Catholic Church and it’s actually very disrespectful to criticize how we (even though I left it it) should do things


I follow no rules. Just live my life as I see fit.


It’s our religious culture to follow the pope who are you to tell hav to stop doing that?


It shouldn’t matter how “devoted” you are, as long as you’re a decent human and don’t forget Him. My family isn’t super religious, but we don’t like forget Him and we only go to church a few times a year.


Amen. :slight_smile:


Some of us don’t like him…my cousin hates him.


I didn’t like him too but I hate it when non Catholics criticize the culture like imagine if we told another religion hey we think you should stop doing this very essential thing in your religion like excuse me?


Jesus preached in the wilderness and I love that. God is everywhere. The energies of Him and the universe are so open and free outside. When I have a panic attack, all I need is to go outside.


To be fair, people can criticize anything. I don’t think anything should even be exempt from criticism, otherwise things will never move forward. It might be seen as unkind in that culture, but people are allowed to criticize people and organisations as they want. (no offense meant)


So what’s next we’re gonna start telling Jews to start eating pork or to tell Muslims to stop praying 6 times a day?


Quick note: muslims pray five and not six times a day.


Thanx for the remark


So it’s disrespectful to criticize your religion but it’s not disrespectful not to respect someone’s pronouns?


I’m gay honey I respec pronouns


No, but there can be a discussion. Respect is the most important part of any discussion, so being kind and trying to work out both sides of the aurgement is perfectly valid. Obviously, you can get angry about rude comments and tell them that, but you can’t stop someone from expressing an opinion in the first place.


Not a fan of him myself. I’ve seen corruption in the church in my home state and it’s very sad. Catholic school as a child messed me up big time. A woman at a seminar said we would go to hell even if we had friends that we gay. 13 year olf me cried so hard at the idea that my mother’s (at the time) good friends would damn us all. Our priest said that church is more important than your soccer tournament. Stfu, Carl.


Do you genuinely reallythink it’s ok for someone who doesn’t belong in the religion to tell people from another religion that they should stop doing something which is a key component to their religion? How’s that respectful?