No, I think its fine to combat that, because telling someone to do something is disrespectful in most contexts. Just having a conversation about it is fine though.


The funny part Is that if she said that same statement about Judaism or Buddhism of Islam everybody would be screaming but when it’s Christianity it’s ok


I think HEEd is talking about discussion rather than telling someone how to do things. For example if someone asks me why in my religion we have to pray in front of fire should be acceptable but if someone says you need to stop praying in front of :fire: then that’s disrespectful :slight_smile: it’s the intent that matters.


I don’t feel like I can really speak about that. I’m an atheist and I do have issues with a lot of religions, so its not really my place to talk about the biases against Christianity.


That’s not what that chick said she said she believes that the pope shouldn’t speak on behalf of the religion but that’s a kind of key component to have him dictate for us


IM atheist too but I still practice some catholic practices because old habits don’t die easy


— believes in absolute free speach.

— Is against people giving criticism when it’s not something they like (which is free speech.)

Pick one.


That’s fair. Although I will point out that the original comment wasn’t an order, it was an opinion. A negative one, but an opinion. I don’t mean that as any disrespect of course.


In case you didn’t get my sarcasm that chick was saying hate speech and offensive speech should be illegal so I decided to pull out my old catholic card when she criticized the pope

I guess I just thought most people here would get my sarcasm as a lesbian atheist


Sorry. I’m not great at picking up sarcasm.


I don’t think you get her point at all.

— Freedom of speech doesn’t stop you from accumulating consequences. You can be a racist ass, but being a racist ass won’t stop you from getting sacked or deplatformed.

— Also, she doesn’t approve of absolute free speech, so I’m not sure what you’re trying to do with this.


I’m cool with you I was just trying to prove a point to her


Please let’s not go in roundabouts, I’m tired as fuck and I have things to do at 5 in the morning.


I get her point she said offensive should be illegal then she to she goes about criticizing a religious practice which can be offensive to many People


Feel free to leave if you’re tired but don’t suggest that we should stop go in roundabouts every user here is free to do whatever they want as long as they do not break the guidelines


Every time I’m on these threads I support freedom of speech more :joy:


Can you help me out here by quoting her exact words?

Personally, hate speech should be used as a levy for law enforcement, and it should not be socially encouraged.

Say, if a trans woman gets killed trans derogatory hate speech is often used as direct evidence to convict the killer — as it should.


oh for fucks sake. Don’t go in roundabout with ME.


Jesus, is that not obvious.


You know what, I kinda know what is coming so goodnight, you’re not going to do my lab work for me, Lmao.


FOR THE 19292929 times oops sorry caps were on burn for the 299292 time speech that incites violence is already illegal I don’t know a whybyou guys are debating something that already exists

For her comment Just scroll up She said She thinks the pope shouldn’t dictate anything