Read my quote again, slowly.




Me trying to navigate this discussion.


Hint: Don’t put words in my mouth.


GOOd luck on your lab work


Thank you, and a very good night to you.


Whenever I wonder why i support it I just come visit WP


Wow. I came here looking to find something interesting to look at, and at first I saw memes then scrolled down to this. This thread did not disappoint.


Although I must admit the YouTube comment section makes me support it even more than wattpad threads.


Beautiful old wattpad, the site for reading and writing where the threads are a complete mess.

Honestly, why I love this place.


I think they should make a YouTube forum just from the comment section they have comments that are pure gold there


That already exists, it’s 4chan.


4chan is scaaaaary


Go hard or go home, my child :sunglasses:


image https://i.chzbgr.com/full/9159664384/hE0B2ABEB/


Dude, they tell it like it is. No PC bullshit. That’s what I love about the truth.


YouTube or 4chan?


I accidentally cut my wrist, and I was in an out within an hour.


Wait what? Omg are you ok? Did you go to the hospital? Please go!


I’m the same hun. Anri feminist and pro-life.