Wait, babe did you actually hurt yourself???


It was over 2 years ago


No, I was just saying that the healthcare in the US is pretty quick. I got in and out within an hour


Omg you scared me because I didn’t know you were referring to a comment :heart: please don’t scare me again I was genuinely concerned!


Anything mental health is quick.
Did you have insurance?


I like that other than that one pic no one is talking about trump




I would always be waiting in the ER at least for 5 hours for mental health care.

Also, just to let you know, it’s not officially against the rules but you can get in trouble for describing self harm. When I spoke more in depth about my bulimia, I would get in trouble for the same reason.

Which is that it’s triggering or not appropriate or something.

Not arguing or anything, but I thought I’d let you know since it happened to me.


I think that depends on the state that you live in, no?


Probably. I’ve only been in the ERs of IL and WI.

WI was fun because they handcuffed me and shackled me and everything.

For some reason.


Was there a reason why my post was edited?? Did I do something wrong?


Well, I’m never gonna talk about my PTSD in WI… Thanks for the heads up!


You didn’t even say anything wrong :joy:


Like I didn’t even do anything other than, y’know, try to off myself.

But nothing worth being handcuffed and shackled together like a participant in a chain gang.

By POLICE. And I got handcuffed to a table.


That’s so odd! I know this sounds dumb but did you try to report those police to the you know… police?

Gosh I’m not proud of that question I sound so dumb


No. I try not to have anything to do with the cops. They don’t like me, I don’t like them.

And plus last time I tried to report something to the police I was the one arrested.

Tho that was back in IL.

Long story short I got attacked in the bathroom of my community college by two girls who thought my dying of bulimia was disgusting, went to report it, was told THEY had reported that I viciously attacked them, despite the fact I could barely stand without a cane, and then I was charged with battery which I was forced to plead guilty due to my shit lawyer despite the fact I could barely stand, let alone run screaming out of a bathroom stall and beat two girls up, and then I had to be on probation and it took over three years to find a new lawyer and have my case overturned.


Oh my god that sucks! I’m sorry that happened to you it’s sad when the force who are supposed to protect us they end up disappointing us. That’s very disgusting of those police officers their thought process literally makes no sense!

Were those girls perhaps from a very well known family which influenced the school and the police’s decision?


I don’t know. They never came to any of the court dates set up. I only saw them the once.


When I went to the hospital for suicidal ideation and self-harm they did intake immediately. No one handcuffed me but there was one of those people that have to watch you. Then it took about four hours to be transferred to a mental hospital. I stayed a week there. Was billed $2,000 with insurance.


Somethings very fishy in this situation. I feel like there are nefarious reasons behind the way you’ve been treated but either way now what’s done is done.