Your experience sounds a lot better than mine,


I’m just glad that my record is clean now. We got everything overturned and stamped out so I no longer have that charge to my name. We found out the lawyer I’d had originally had recently had a stroke and wasn’t doing very well and so when everything was done we found a new lawyer who did all the correct things so now I have no crimes to my name.


I mostly had problems in the mental hospital. Don’t get me wrong, if I wasn’t there at that time in my life there’s no telling where I’d be now, but some health professionals don’t know wtf they’re doing. The started me on Trazodone and two days after taking it they overdosed me and gave me too much. I ended up passing out on hard concrete. Then when they wheeled me in the nurse left me there with a really low bp and everyone else was in bed. There was also this ultra conservative nurse who kept talking to me about my situation with my family while I was in there. She kept telling me that since I’m only 18 I need to be living with my parents and all this other crap. Which really did not help.


That’s a relief! At least now your record is clean.


I think this could be accomplished without specific laws against speech other than what the US already has, it’s evidence of motive


Oh yikes. I’m sorry.

I’m on a lot of meds too.

150mg Trazodone
400mg Seroquel XR
200mg Seroquel
20mg prozac
1.5mg Klonopin

I’m the only person I know on that much Seroquel and Trazodone who isn’t a zombie.


:joy: OMG I love that you guys thought I actually cut my wrist on purpose. It wasn’t mental healthcare.

It was 2 hours before my high school graduation. I slipped down the stairs being excited and all, and I cut the top of my wrist open. It took 8 stitches. It gushed blood bit because it cut past my nerves, I didn’t feel a think. I nearly passed out from the blood though, because that much blood makes me ill. I also saw my own muscle. Gross.

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old habits


This is my scar.


No worries. I get a lot of people who think it’s a failed suicide attempt. I’m used to it. I always explain that it was actually just an accident on my graduation night. Makes for a memorable graduation.



I was referring to Ben Shapiro and those people.


I just want to add to this, as a Christian myself. The 613 Mosaic laws are a separate thing from sins themselves. They were specifically for only certain people during a time. They have since been dropped and do not apply.

Getting a tattoo falls into a mosaic type of law. It is not a sin to get a tattoo, or eat shellfish or wear mixed fabrics. Just so you guys know.

Hope this helps. :blush:


I can’t speak for other faiths, but I do know that teaching “sin” and “unkindness” don’t go in hand. You can teach people that something is a sin but that doesn’t mean you teach them to shame and bully those people. At my church, we have NEVER been taught to treat anyone less than human just based on their actions and sin. We treat them as people. We treat them like our friends. I have a lot of family members who not only had premarital sex, but also children out of wedlock. I am the first girl in my family for generations to break that. I maybe have disagreed with their choice to have sex, but I absolutely love them. I would never treat them differently based on their sin. I don’t treat anyone differently based on their sins. It’s wrong, even in Christianity. Hope this helps again.


AHHH! That’s a real freak accident. How do you even cut your wrist while going down the steps and on graduation?! Were you at least part of the diploma ceremony? Did you get to.toss your cap?


It was actually at home before graduation. I was getting ready. My mom had to rush me to the ER and tell them I was graduating and they needed to hurry. I don’t know what I cut myself on to this day, but that was definitely my first freak accident.


I have to go back to work now. I’ll be off in about an hour. See you guys then. Fun talking to you. :slight_smile:


Ouch! Well hope you’re better now and good luck at work!


Am I the only one who thinks the guy sounds like a very badly written villain?




He does seem a lot like a lame villain from a YA novel or something