Ah! When someone says that they hurt themselves in that way it sounds like self harm. I will say though… your story is 100% anactodatal and says nothing about the US health care system.

First off, do you have insurance? If you do, the whole process is far quicker and simpler. You give insurance, they treat you, you dont have to pay the ful price of the hospital visit. If you live in a nice area of the US? wait time might not be long and hospital might be nice. But that is NOT indicative of all hospitals and certainly not a common experience. I went to the hospital with my mother when she broke her wrist. it took over an hour to just get any dr sort of person to look. Hours more to get an xray. We went in at 11pm… left at 6am. But thats hospital wait times. Not uncommon. We have inssurance so we were able to get out without too much crazy expense

Because my parents have the money for it? they have a good dr. So my mom was able to go home and see a specialist the next day, surgery less than a week later. But again… that is SO atypical. If you can pay? You get that service in ANY country. Even socialized medicine countries allow people to pay for more care/ private supplemental inssurance. But there? EVERYONE gets treated and isnt in debt after. IN the US? people die because they cant afford insulin for diabetes… its a mess. Health care is a right not a privilege and we pay far more in allowing our country to be so sick rather than useing preventative care which is less expensive in the long run by far


I understand, but I was simply giving my personal experience, just like Angel had given hers. I know wait time can be long, I’ve waiting long. I was just stating the fastest time I had been in and out of the hospital before.


Do you guys wanna see my scar?

edit: it’s not a self-harm scar


btw I’m glad your okay!


Thats fine. But the lanague you used, intentional or not, is very triggering so I edited thats all. And fair enough. Im just saying that one person’s in and out story doesnt really prove anything or disprove in the argument about the state of health care in the US


My dumbest injury is when I cut part of my finger off when slicing bread. On midnight of Christmas morning.

It wasn’t even the first time that happened to me.




i re-read your post. You did imply that because your experience was quick, the US system is quick. Thats why I responded as I did.


True, but the healthcare system can be quick. Not always, of course, but it is possible.


Now one of my thumbs have an indent where a chunk of skin is missing.

Another one has no fingerprints because I accidentally cut that part off.

One of my middle fingers is crooked because I broke a tiny bone in it and never wore a cast

My left wrist crackles and often times is painful because I punched a wall after my dad died, never got my wrist checked, and had broken a small bone that healed wrong

multiple fingerpads are covered in burns

and i have burn scars on both my wrists

my friends joke that i have a super power where i only ever get injured on my hands and wrists.


but seriously now I kinda wanna show y’all my surgery scar from June.


Geez dude, you have a lot of injuries! They all sound so painful. :confounded:


Show us. Show us. chanting show us, show us.


But its not a question of whether it is “possible”. The majority of americans suffer and die without proper healthcare. For a first world counrty we have crazy high maternal mortality, we have sub-par care in many areas, people dont have basic medical checkups due to lack of inssurance, and our median life expectancy is WAY lower than that of people in other first world nations. Higher in the more affulent parts of the country perhpas but SUPER low in rural areas and states that are less wealthy


Not really. Just messy.

I’ve been burned so many times it basically doesn’t bother me.


jeeze… that all sounds like no fun


Speaking of scars, I also have some dots on the side of my bum. I was playing hide and seek once and I hid under a sink. Hot water dripped from the faucet, and now I have burn dots on the side of my bum.

I also have a scar on my forehead. It happened when I was young so I can’t explain that story.

I worked in fast food and I can totally agree. I am accident probe for also burning myself. I always eat my food hot off the stove and end up burning off tastes buds, or I just cant feel it anymore.


Note I’m blurring them just in case. Nothing inappropriate, though.

Also the fuck why am I so shaky. Ugh.

surgeryfront1 Surgeryfrontclose Surgeryside1 Surgeryside2


I don’t work in fast food so I’ve no excuse.


Shit man. Either I’m shaky because it’s midnight or I’m shaky because today my stomach hates me and wants me to eat nothing uuuugh. Maybe I’ll try a protein bar.

YAY for living in a small community where if one person gets sick literally everyone else in town gets sick so now I’m sick because I have no immune system.