You can also see tinier scars around it from where they had to take out my gallbladder!


I saw. I honestly didn’t expect a scar that big, but not bad at all. Scars show the battles we won.


It’s a surgery scar.


I know. You survived surgery. That’s good! All scars are cool.


And tbh I think I look nice. Like, even with the scar I take care of it so I still have a flat stomach and I’m getting really toned.

I’m told that one day it’ll fade a lot more but it’s still fairly new at 7 months old. I have to rub lotion in it.

It’s not painful anymore other than sometimes on the sides. But the area around my belly button (they had to create a new one during surgery) is numb-ish.


Oof what happened here.


you’re gorgeous hun


Aww thanks! <3


I think she meant geographically it’s in North America


We wish you an indictment Christmas

We wish you an indictment Christmas

We wish you an indictment Christmas

And a Mueller New Year




At the start of this thread I was like, “oh, this thread could become the new Tumblr!”

And then literal politics started happening and I was like, “oh, this thread is really stepping up to BE the new Tumblr!”

And then I don’t even know what happened, but someone just said, “yeet,” and… this is Tumblr.

All that’s missing is the porn- Oh, wait!


There’s no porn.


theres only corn


although im new here


Ooh, welcome!


thanks,hows it going


Good. How about you?


good too


wanna hear a weird rhyme i made