there was a river full of liver,
that made me shiver and quiver,
it made me feel cold as if i was very old,
it was bane of my body,i had to have a cane after i couldn’t handle the pain,
the wind blew and it was not kind it made me have the flu as i flew off the waterfall,
the prize of being on this river of liver was my demise,
with a sigh i end this story with a goodbye and a gory
fall thats too tall that i will perish but ill cherish these last moments,now goodby-…

wait nevermind it was just a stream.


there,its weird


I saw this an literally had a heart attack


I’m not really good with poetry, but it started sounding pretty deep, until the last part I just cracked up! But it’s good and funny.


why? XD


thanks,it took me 25 minutes to make


the title of the thread I was so scared :laughing: like who exaclty like trump :tired_face:


yea xd


It took me almost a month to get two poems written in high school. And they were really short and not that good.


ohhhh poems, do you have any new ones?


i see


Actually, Trump’s approval rating is at 41.5% right now. So I’m sure there are plenty of people who like him.


i’m not gonna get all political right now, but he’s JUST a bit too much


No… I’m not good at them but I do like reading them.


aw damn, I was hoping to troll all of those idiots


ahaha saaaaaame


IMO he’s not great

but legitimately impressed he’s getting out of Syria

I’m surprised


It’s only because he’s managed to suck all of the oil out of the place.


How has he done that in Syria? I don’t think the US has been able to access the oil