just pay attention to your petrol prices when fuelling up your cars: every time countries such as Britain and America deploy troops in foreign countries which are also brimming with oil the petrol prices coincidentally lower.
And keep in mind of the fact that ISIS is still a thing just like the Taliban and Al Qaeda, so clearly, we see his true intentions aren’t to liberate these countries or get rid of these threats.


Plus, I’m pretty sure no one is going to stop him from doing so in a literal war zone- it’s not like Bashaar al Assad cares, he’s all up for blowing the place up and getting rid of the population who refuse to submit to his tyranny.


Why would Assad not care about someone taking his natural resources?

And how are Oil extraction operations able to function in Syria right now? And didn’t the price of oil actually increase as of late?


I’m not talking of late, just overall during the last few years US and British troops have been deployed on foreign land, specifically Syria. And the price has increased due to the US pulling troops out of Syria which means less oil in the future, so profit must be made now.
Assad wouldn’t care simply because he’s too preoccupied with his chemical weapons that the UN refuse to acknowledge and take a stand against and if anything, he’s either scared of getting thrown off the power ladder by the US sanctioning him again. Plus it’s not like he’s bothered by the US as by bombing the place, the US is eradicating the population he’s trying to cleanse.
Oil extraction wouldn’t be difficult thanks to the sea. Keep in mind Russia is trying to take over Syria’s petroleum industry too, the US will definitely not be far behind them. Do not forget that Petroleum is also Syria’s main economic source.
I’d tell you more but you’d view me as a crazy mad woman and I’d get in trouble for that.


I wouldn’t view you as crazy. This is a fairly common position, I think, although it isn’t popular with the elite (sort of).

Assad’s power probably relies on some level of access to the oil fields to fund his state. As for chemical weapons, does the UN really not acknowledge them? The US, at least, is always talking about them.

Assad isn’t trying to “cleanse” the population of Syria, as far as I can tell. He’s trying to conquer them. He doesn’t want the US to bomb because they are supporting his enemies, the rebels.


The US also sometimes directly bombs Assad’s forces.