Same! XD

Especially since investigators have said that Trump may have very likely committed a felony (felonies) in the news last night.


How is it incoherent?


image image

Forgot I had a couple more on my phone XD


for a second I was terrified that this was a real thread


Don’t worry, all SJW memers here. :slight_smile:


Oh snap I found more on my phone :joy: my dislike for this creature knows no bounds

image image



There are a few differences between Trump and a garbage dump.

One is stinky, revolting, and full of trash. The other is a location.


This is an old people meme but it makes my semi-Southern heart go boink



I have never seen a turtle on a post (I live on the west coast) but that is a very accurate comparison


I haven’t either because I live in what we like to call The Fake South (one of the seven liberal counties in my state, and a rather urban area) but I’ve heard the expression, haha


Ah, I see


Just generally when people insult Trump it’s really over the top and I find that too extreme for my taste I guess


GIRL, I thought this was a REAL Trump thread and I was about to try to contain myself and yet I found this and I’m so relieved! Great memes :wink::joy:


Well that’s okay. We all have a right to voice our opinions or what we don’t like.


I feel that. I don’t like the man, but I’m not going to be out here making assassination jokes. That’s just uncouth.


. . . *dances*


Yeah, I’m fine when people are like, “I strongly disagree with Trump”, or even “I hate Trump” but just calling him huge strings of extreme insults just makes me tune it out? Especially when people actually do it IRL, then it just seems kind of immature.


I find the memes hilarious, but I agree with you as far as the insults go. You lose credibility when you resort to insults to make your argument against someone. I won’t lie and say I’ve never done it before, but I try not to.


I mean, he has been taking away basic human rights and attempting to further take away those rights, so I don’t blame people for insulting him in the way they do. People’s basic rights are being taken away by this man and they’re being treated inhumanely, so I, personally, can completely understand :woman_shrugging:

But we’re all entitled to our opinions! :blush:


Well, corroding public discourse even further is all that will really happen from insulting him. And it just means we can’t have a nuanced conversation about him as a politician with all this extreme sentiment.