Fellow Undiscovered Writers 10


Not sure what you mean???


Apparently not. Guess I’m not welcome over there lol.


You’re more than welcome to participate, lol. There’s a lot of people between this thread and the previous ones, so some people might not have been tagged. So it’s not intentional if you didn’t get tagged. :slight_smile:


Oooooh this thread is almost done!! YEAH :))))


Who wants to laugh at my writing plan


Also what’re people getting tagged in?


I’ll listen to your plan. Also tagged in the FUW11 thread, as this one is almost done.


I’m writing the least romantic chapter so far of my romance and im gonna publish it on Valentine’s Day. :+1:t2:


Fantastic! Is it a break up chapter?


Nope. There isn’t even a romance yet. But it’s completely non-romantic anyways and I was like “irony”




You are welcome. She probably just forgot


It’s cool I’m easily forgettable.


That they tagged you in the new thread so you can find it.


There are a lot of people here, so that she probably why. I’ll do it now


Thanks, I already searched and bookmarked it.


We’re close, I guess.


Yes, very close to getting closed


We need to kill this thread faster~


It’s easier with the tag. I already did it, but let’s try to kill this one first