Fellow Undiscovered Writers 10



We have a few photos and my dad says one side of the family is from the South.


Look if Arch Duke Ferdinand hadn’t been assassinated things may have turned out differently.


thank him for his service to the U.S. for me salutes towards him




i agree XD
things would have been more peaceful




He’s dead unfortunately. Passed away several years ago.


I’m confused about the blur message (I’m very behind in the messages)


Dang it! Typo in the Tweet I sent out.

Sigh… oh well. I’ll post it later I guess.


snorts cONfeDeRatEs


Nothing important just threating to comfort @FantasybkLover


whispers then I shall salute to him now


it’s ok pat pat we were talking about the Confederates


This is nice to see:

“We are working on ways for readers who can’t afford to pay to read these stories. I don’t have much more to share at this point since this is still a work in progress. But we would like to address this as much as possible.”

From WP’s Twitter.


are they talking about the Next Program or whatever it’s called?


Yeah. My guess is by offering coins for watching ads or playing games.


rolls eyes I still don’t like this program…

aNyWaYs…how was your day so far


Okay. Waiting to meet my mom since we’re going to lunch together.

But she still has an hour to cancel in. XD

How are you?


glares at you What a pessimist

I am fine. This morning’s been weird because someone added my contest entry to the Romance page and it seems like they’re enjoying it more than FAI XD
I mean…I’m not complaining…but it’s only 2 parts with about 500 words each. snorts


Oh nice… that is weird, but possibly your entry is getting noticed more because of how many people follow the Romance page lol.