Fellow Undiscovered Writers 10


Gonna pop up in here again. Hellu!


You have to understand, I submitted this entry in late November and early December. And it’s February now…



How are you :slight_smile:


I’m okay. Got some writing in today, and am watching my reads slowly crawl up to 3,000. What about you?




And hey stranger. XD


What do you mean, stranger? I gave you lots of comments :stuck_out_tongue:


nods slowly
3000…wOW XD

I’m fine :slight_smile: just woke up because I love to sleep
I might get some writing in today shrugs


I’m joking with how scarce you are in this thread. XD


Yeah it’s insane. My other book has 1,100 reads, and I worked my butt off with promotion and stuff for that one.

Sleeping is good. I did it far too little today.
And go write! Writing is important


So apparently Next books also get shiny new covers…


I pop up once every five days or so


Well crawl out of your hole more!


Is that really an issue though? Most books that get published by a real house get a better cover


Crawl more into mine! Go hang out in Vampire


Shrugs. I love my covers for now so I can’t imagine replacing them right now.


Taming the vampire bad boy Sherlock Holmes. XD


Sometimes they let you keep your current one, if it’s good enough (not that I have any experience or real knowledge on the matter)


N O. I refuse


I wish to have that read count T-T

I think I will only edit today, because I really need it XD