Fellow Undiscovered Writers 10


I want a shiny cover T-T




Mate, my bad boy book flopped. Not that it can be blamed on my writing or anything…


they need to be exterminated off of WP


And Psychotic prince stories as well.




…I feel attacked


Well… I’d say it’s hard work, I guess? I got help from an author that I’ve put far over a hundred hours of editing into. She’s repaying me by a few comments and votes :smiley: I didn’t even ask for it, but it sure does help a lot, especially considering she has like 28k followers


aw it’s ok no one will hurt you.


Snorts. Lexi isn’t psychotic. At least she has a real reason to dislike Sarah.

Ooh. There’s a ship. Call it Sexi lol.



I did so many read for reads, critiques, awards that it’s honestly saddening


wHAt tHE hELL diD i jUsT sEe


I hate doing reads for reads because there’s no real way of knowing if the other person has actually read the story.


“Hands bleach to you.”


that’s dedication right there XD


sniffles I know T-T


dumps the whole bottle of bleach into my eyes Ahhh, that feels better


I do it sneaky. I do comment for comment :3 My thread is closed now, but basically, we came to an agreement on the amount of chapters we’d read from eachother based on the amount of words per chapter (mine are 1,000, which makes for easy calculating), and then I’d let the other person go first. Then I’d go over to their book and give an equal amount of comments plus some extra


The editing or the comments?


That’s a lot of work to do.
But maybe because you’re not a high school student :slight_smile: