Fellow Undiscovered Writers 11


Hello! @madelinetucker123 here! You might see a different person running these series of threads because @FantasybkLover wanted a different person to run it, someone that was undiscovered. So I have taken the responsibility of doing so XD

Here, we talk about the process of writing and our problems, so don’t be afraid to pop in here when you have writing problems :slight_smile:

Links that hint at self-advertising will be prohibited on this thread and will be taken down by the Community Ambassadors immediately, so don’t waste your time doing it

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Most of all, have fun. We’re here to help undiscovered writers get on track to becoming the best writer they can be :slight_smile:

The Grimorium Club Xll - Come and Chat Fellow Fantasy Writers! (OPEN - WELCOME BACK GRIMMIES!)
Count to xxx before a mod posts Vol 16

First, kill this thread previous thread :slight_smile:


First. It’s to early tho


some people were worrying though :frowning:
So I will alleviate their worries XD


And I was about to do this, but thanks


Heehee :smiling_imp:


It might close in the middle of the night. It’s happened to me three times already


I know. I got tagged 3 times on this issue. Cough cough @ModernWaterRider


I know. I was wondering if you were going to do it because you said you wanted to






I would have but I needed food


Did someone summon my yugioh card?


not yet…(kill the other thread first, my friend)


Posting to follow! Kill the other thread first peeps!


Ooh boy. I don’t know how to do that? :joy:




oH nO, I forgot to add you T-T


Allow me to be the one to close #10 :smiling_imp:


whispers i think somebody might be challenging that spot