Fellow Undiscovered Writers 12


Hello, fellow Wattpadders! This is the 12th installment of the Undiscovered Writers thread series and I’m honored to be leading it ;D

Here, we talk about the process of writing and our problems, so don’t be afraid to pop in here when you have writing problems :slight_smile:

Links that hint at self-advertising will be prohibited on this thread and will be taken down by the Community Ambassadors immediately, so don’t waste your time doing it

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Most of all, have fun. We’re here to help undiscovered writers get on track to becoming the best writer they can be :slight_smile:

Fellow Undiscovered Writers! WE NEED TO TALK!
Fellow Undiscovered Writers 11
Fellow Undiscovered Writers 11

Kill this thread :slight_smile:




Second :stuck_out_tongue:


Third (Hi, I’m Heart :slight_smile: nice to meet you all)


Hi! How are you?


I’m good :slight_smile: Trying to write a little bit before my grandma soul kicks in and I pass out, though


Dang, it’s closed





@ShinomiyaDR I was going to say NOW.


Like a pheonix


Congratz you had closed the previous thread


And you beat me. Humph. XD


Shino said it was over




Shino needs help


What’s wrong?


Any writing progress is good writing progress.


thinking about adding scene but probably won’t do it justice with so much fog