Fellow Undiscovered Writers 12


Have you visited the creative threads? Do they still do reads in exchange for covers? I’m going to make my own cover after exams. I’ll have more time then to play with photoshop.


You mean multi media designs? Some artists still do payment deals for covers. But be sure to look for artists who actually do their original works. @bmecha I know there are a few Wattpaders on here who will ask you to take down their work if they come across it in book covers.

@MakaylaSophia knows a bit more than I do about the legalities of posting covers to Wattpad.


Do you want it be a standalone?


For right now, yeah. It’s going to be between 30 and 40 parts I think or maybe even 50. I don’t want to drag it out forever. If I think of a plan for a second series, I might. But Sarah would most likely be between 6 or 7 years olders instead of seventeen like she is in TWR.


The time skip is going to be obvious in the epilogue.


Yes I meant multimedia design threads

I’ll use copyright free stock images and try to make it from scratch. If I ever win a contest or something that gives me a nice free cover then I’ll do that.


That sounds like a good plan. You don’t want to force the story to drag out if it wraps up on its own.


Just remember, even if it claims to be copyright free, there’s a slight chance the image could have been stolen. Some people on here have found their work on sites like Pixabay without permission.


Yeah. I feel like a ton of stories on here dragon out the plot to the point where it’s pretty ridiculous. Things will be picking up a bit in the next couple of chapters. :slight_smile:


Would a reverse image search help? If that’s true then there is no chance for me to make a nice cover unless I took the images myself and I’m not a good photographer lol.


It would probably be a good thing to do. :slight_smile:


Well, good luck on finishing your book! Wish I was close to mine, lol :rofl:


I’ll learn how to do that and then do it. Just to cover myself.


Thanks! How long is your story going to be?


Not trying ti discourage you from using online images, but there’s always that concern something could happen if you use random images found online.


Nah I rather be safe and original as I can. Worst comes to worst I’ll make a minimal one that can’t be accused of anything. And if readers judge by the cover then that’s up to them.


I’m actually not really sure. I know exactly how it’s going to end, but it just has to get there lol :joy:

In a rough estimate, maybe 20 or thirty more chapters?


What kind of stories do you write?


I’m only writing one right now, and it happens to be Fantasy.


Good choice