Fellow Undiscovered Writers 12


Me too :slight_smile:

Wish I can just sleep whenever I wanted to :frowning:


It looks…hideous o-o

no offense to WP, but I think I can do better than they can. And I’m NOT an artist XD


I have the flu. I need sleep but my body won’t cooperate.

How are you doing?


I’m sure they can… they just make it simple looking for some reason. I mean, it’s not a bad thing, but the design doesn’t really match the layout of the website.


Ah…drink lots of water and try to get plenty of rest. You need it :slight_smile:

Me? Well…XD
It’s just been one hell of a week and i just don’t know how to describe it to you :stuck_out_tongue:

Besides being sick, what about you?


what is this nap you speak of? :rofl:


They’re terrible. Too realistic and uncomfortable for my taste.


Okay, I guess. Just tired. And yeah, I’ve been trying to hydrate myself. I’m almost finished writing chapter twenty one. Chapter twenty two is sure to play with some emotions. :wink:

Sorry to hear that. Drowning in homework?


Good question…XD

How are you shino?


I think you’re supposed to close your eyes in bed.




I’m emotionless at this point due to school. So…I probably won’t feel anything when I read your chapter XD

It’s not the homework, it’s the TESTS. I barely have any hw…


wanting to write. wrapped up crappy chap


Tests? Sounds more like torture depending on how many tests you have to do.


me XD

How are you?
I haven’t been on here for a long time, at least, for a long duration of course :slight_smile:


Uh huh. Sure. Or did your mother discover the forums? XD


Aw, it’s fine :slight_smile:

Take a break if you need to. Don’t force yourself. That always turns out crappier if you do :frowning:


I had 4 tests this week


how does one not write?


She did not, mam XD

remember: I took the break, not her taking it away from me