Fellow Undiscovered Writers 12


one goes to sleep


I haven’t either in all honesty. I’ve been really tired this week and it’s been dragging me down horribly.

What about you?




how does one do that? :rofl:


I’m tempted to close my eyes right now but I’m only about 100 words from the end of chapter twenty one. Sigh…


At least we both know how it feels to suffer before spring break smiles weakly

Me? I barely got on WP until today XD
because tomorrow’s a minimum day in which we get off at school at 12:30pm and I don’t have a lot of hw right now. cough cough




You first, grab a comfy blanket and a place to lie down on. Then, your eyes automatically start drooping, and then you don’t open up your eyes until it’s the morning ;D


but its 4 pm rn…


For me I just stare at the ceiling and my eyes never shut. XD


nAP o-O


you really…really…really want to see this chapter?


I found some new dragon rider stories that are complete thankfully. I’ve been going a bit crazy trying to find new completed or currently ongoing ones that haven’t been abandoned.


Force your eyes to shut XD


I can be patient until tomorrow…




how does one do that? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


snorts trampled by bad boy/billionaire stories XD


@Fallintsel Your story keeps getting recommended to me. XD


smacks you with a chancla JUST SLEEP