Fellow Undiscovered Writers 12


So a beta reader was finally at the part of Cambion where a character she really liked turns out to be a cannibal. :joy:

She’s conflicted now.


with a what?


Thankfully the discovery section is better as you narrow down the tags.


I’m sorry rip. :joy:


we’ll see about that o-o


You don’t know what they are? gasps

Ellos no saben que una chancla es… :0


wHeRe aGaiN?


It’s been awhile since I’ve been around here… I still need to study for a test tomorrow. :weary:

I also need to boycott school half day for that Climate change rally thing.


Gotta save the environment :slight_smile:


Discover/search button?


Just use it as an excuse and hide away somewhere to do Wattpad. XD


Ohhhhhh. Ok. But…still. Most of the stories are bad boy/billionaire STORIES


I may hate being outside, but I need to love the earth…

Mama earth brings me both good and bad stuff. I like to toy with toxic things. :joy:




Nice! The kids I work with are excited because after tomorrow they’re on spring break!


I liked the music from SAO. It was very pretty.


it reminds me of mc’s big sis :sob::sob::sob:


True. And unfortunately you still get fanfiction even with the minus fanfiction tag. XD I’m not totally against it, but it’s annoying when people won’t tag it as such.


I’m probably going to get pizza tomorrow. Pizza always makes you feel better, right? @madelinetucker123


Any art i would do would be hand - drawn